Friday, February 27, 2009

Get on your knees if you wanna reach the top.

Ha, just got home from seeing Coraline, it was a really good movie. I bet it took a LONG time to make though. But have any of you heard that Tim Burton is making a new Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp is going to be the Mad Hatter? Ahh, im way excited for that one, but it comes out next year, bummer.

Anyhoe LONG day today, im just tired of all the 6th grade drama, i mean were in high school can you grow up just a little please? ha. I may sound like a bitch when i say that but its true, when it gets as stupid as "Oh I hate you now, you don't sit at my table, your talking shit." then you kinda have to be a bitch haha. Guys never have any drama and if they do, its like for one day, they will be best friends the next. Not fair at all.

My friend who turned her back on me invited me to go to state wrestling with her tomorrow, i told her no 'cause im getting stuff for my room, i mean its true. That and i really don't wanna hang with her so she can ditch me for a guy to make out and do other stuff with him. Its not fair i don't ever ditch here, but im over it. I need to stay away from people like that. 

Note to self: Try to pick better friends or stick with the few friends you have, they won't let you down. 
Now i just need to remember that. It might be hard but i can try. So once again my phone is broken, i don't know why i don't drop it, all i do is talk and text on it. Oh and take pictures sometimes. So i should HOPEFULLY be getting a new phone soon. Also my mom's best friend from high school and her daughter are coming to town during spring break so i have to hang with them all week not next week but the one after that. But i think it should be fun, i haven't seen them in over 10 years. 

Random song:

Sober- Pink

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