Monday, March 30, 2009

You remind me of a few of my famous friends.

I actually had a pretty good day, woke up pretty tired but it ended up that i wasn't tired. Got ready, went to school. Laughed all day, and a LOT in art. I don't know why a lady decorating eggs is so funny but me and Sarah found it hilarious. Then my teacher was yelling out all these like "Holy moly!" and stuff like that so i decided to just yell out something random and it comes out "Holy Triangles!!!!" It was actually really funny. Then after school i got my nails done and got new mascara. I get happy too easy.

But it keeps snowing, i hate the snow. Let alone cold. I like rain and sunshine. The two best types of weather in the world. Anyways i was bummed cause it was snowing but then i figured out that Mark Hoppus is doing a song with Panic for their new CD. I was excited, and i found out they are done with their demos so the CD should be done soon...hopefully. haha.

Im going to Alice in Wonderland the play next friday, its go
ing to be fun. Im obsessed with Alice in Wonderland lately, and i don't know why. I watch it like every week. Weird...BUT Tim Burton (i hope you know who that is. If you don't im disappointed haha.) is making a Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp is going to be the mad hatter. It should be a REALLY good movie, im going to be first to see it haha. Anyways im going shopping after school tomorrow, i need new clothes. Woop. Okay i need some sleep, i got like 5 hours of sleep last night, im smart. ha. 

P.S Do you guys like my random drawing? hahaha. (Sorry the lighting is bad)

Pss My hair looked really good today:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you remember when we were friends all the way back then?

Two days in a row i get called Scene. Why did everyone call me scene? I have no idea. Just because i wore a scarf yesterday doesn't mean Im scene. So do i have multi colored hair? No, its blonde. Do i tease it and puff it HUGE? No, just because i have natural curly hair doesn't mean i puff it out, and most of the time i have it straight. Sorry for the Rant.

Yesterday we didn't have to go to school till 10. It was nice, i watched Elmo's world before school ha. Yep thats how cool i am. And i was going to go to The Haunting of Connecticut tonight but my mom said no, and my friend got pissed at me. Whatever. Im so over all the stupid drama its no even funny. It seems i can only trust like 3 people in my life. The other people who i can't trust are just kinda there, it doesn't mean i don't care about them. I do. Its just i have trust issues cause of curtain things happen...

Going to workout tomorrow morning, im excited. I don't feel like im active enough even though i do dance like 5 times a week. So i think before school im going to go workout. It sounds pretty good too me. Also i still don't have a date to formal. Oh well I'll live. Im going with Sarah. (My bestie). Were going to have lots of fun. And during the slow dance we can go to the bathroom or something. Its not even a big deal. 

Im tired, i woke up at 7:07 this morning with 10 minutes to get ready. I didn't look too bad today, i actually got quite a few compliments. Oh and did i mention it snowed again? Yeah, after we had the HUGE blizzard we get one day of sunshine which was freezing and another blizzard but wasn't too bad. No snow day, just going in late. Which is fine with me. 9 weeks of school left, and im done there. New school! With more people i can meet. I love meeting new people its always so fun. But then i can try and avoid drama next year if i pick the right friends. 
Thats all i got for today, im running out of things to say. Cool Kaitlyn. 

"Maybe someday I'll find someone who actually treats me right"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I wouldn't be caught dead in this place.

I don't really have much to say today. Just that we had a snowday yesterday, and we didn't really need one. Pointless. But i did enjoy extra sleep, yeah that was nice.

I've had a ton of homework lately and i don't know why, the teachers are just like "Oh 9 more weeks better give as much work as we can!" yeah, THANKS a lot, now i have no life besides homework and dance. Speaking of dance, i don't really talk alot about my dancing do i? Well maybe i should. I'll post a video tomorrow of one of my favorite dances we did. But i don't think we performed it as good as we could but whatever. More about that later when i post it. 

I  have nothing else to say, but right now im going to pick out my outfit for tomorrow and watch me some Live in C-town, woopwoop! haha. 

"Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing." 

Monday, March 23, 2009


So much for spring eh? It was in the 60's and 70's like all week and then we get a blizzard, and of course its going to be bad. Its just my luck now and days. But we got out of school at 12, so its a-okay with me. I got to miss half of Social Studies a hour of PE and Wood shop. Woohoo. Tommorrow; please be a snow day, i need sleep. And i need more time for my speech, which we picked numbers today and i got number 24 which is last. Now i have a week and a half to get ready for it. Success! Oh and by the way it snowed like a foot in 4 hours. And i can only imagine what its like now.....Im scared to go outside. Last time i was out there the snow was up to my knees and Im not that short im like 5'5 or 5'6 somewhere around there. And it was at my knees.
Wow, how lucky am i to get all of this snow while everyone else is enjoying the nice weather? haha. Just grand.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Send for all your absent lovers things.

I've been doing homework sense 4:30 and its 10:18 with no break. I hate school. Oh and not to mention were picking the order of speeches tomorrow during english, and i hope im not first. I will die. I know for a fact that i can't do it in front of the class, i always feel stupid, dumb, and hated when i present stuff. There's no use of it.

I have no energy anymore, i feel like i can collapse at any minute. Oh well, maybe its because i don't get enough sleep, i need to work on that one. 

However, last night was pretty fun, i ran around outside till midnight doing nothing with my best friend. We had fun. Fun night never fail with her, shes the only one i can really talk to. 

Thats all i have for now. Well besides the fact that i need sleep but i have to work on english for another 5 hours. Joy. Oh that and i want to do something with my life. I better start thinking about that one. uhm...

Oh and that picture is a Wyoming sunset, probably the only think i like about it here that and the mountains. 

EDIT: Oh yeah does anyone have a Twitter? If you do, mine is

"Sometimes i just let the fear take the wheel and steer my life in the wrong direction" 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So tell me, whats your story?

Wow, today has just been interesting. Everyone got a text saying "Do not go to any Walmart tonight, Gang initiation to shoot 3 women. Not sure which Walmart, but his has been confirmed on tv." Which at the time scared the living hell out of me. Later on the news they told us it was fake and not to worry about anything, after the news told us that it was real and to stay in our housed. Jeeze.

Lunch was pretty fun today, Me and Michela were giving Sarah a hard time cause she bought a lunch just for the fruit cup haha, we never have serious conversations, its grand. [: 
Ended up i didn't take a walk today, i was too scared to go outside haha. But then i relized that we don't have any "Gangsters" in Wyoming (i HATE it here, moving as soon as i can.) and if there are, it would be kinda funny. 

Movie night tomorrow, with on of the Best Friends. Excited, are there any good movies out on DVD? uhm...i guess i should just start thinking about that. Oh yes! And i got very far on working on my speech today. But i was totally thinking that like i can't get up in front of 20 kids and talk for ten minutes without stopping. Yeah, i can't do it. I'll get really nervous and start stuttering, which isn't a very good thing. And when i read my essays or whatever i always say "Uhm...." every 5 words, yeah presenting not my thing.

I need sleep, but i feel like i can't sleep. It sucks. I can never get enough sleep anymore, but yeah i know im jumping subjects really fast today but the tv show Secret Life Of A American Teenager is kinda happening at my school, but she didn't get pregnant at band camp. Its so sad, but im glad shes keeping it. Abortion isn't a very good thing to do, but thats just my opinion.

Okay i really need to go to sleep. Im going to attempt to so i can actually wake up and curl my hair cause i haven't done that in a while...

"I can't help it if i wanna kiss you in the rain, so.."


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ohh, man.

Took a three mile walk today, it was pretty fun. But it was freaking cold. Good thing i live in Wyoming eh? Ha i hate it here. Its always cold and stuff. But it can get pretty. The pictures above: 1. One of the roads i was walking on, i thought it looked kinda cool. 2. The mountains, i live like super close to them. 3. My dog, Scooter. I wish i had my real camera, my phone kinda takes shity pictures. Maybe next time I'll bring it, cause there was this one spot where it would be like a amazing picture. I'll go back tomorrow and take one.

Im making a Yellow Submarine out of clay, which i wanna make it look like the submarine from the movie "The Yellow Submarine" with the beatles, has anyone seen it? If you haven't go see it!! I might of mentioned that on another blog, but i don't feel like going through it all to see if I've said to go rent the yellow submarine. 

Im running out of things to say now and days, once again i have a boring life. Its better than going out and drinking every weekend and having sex. People these days. 
Summer better come fast, or ill die. (Not really). But we only have 10 and a half weeks of school left. Woohoo! You don't know how excited i am haha.

I have nothing else to say. When i think of something, ill be sure to write it down. ha. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Im leaving on a jet plane, don't know when ill be back again..

Yeah this is one of the old pictures of me from the begging of the year, i used to cover my eye up with my bangs, but i like this picture. Me and Kelsey in Math.

I thought today was never going to end! It was probably the longest day of my life. I only got like 2 or 3 hours of sleep last night so i was super super tired. I've been like slacking off the past couple days, but i think everyone has. Spring Break was nice while it lasted, but it was our last real break for 11 weeks. Then its summer! Woohoo! Im so excited to go to a bigger school with more people, and i can meet tons of new people. I love meeting people, it makes my day. Even if were not like real good friends and we just say "Hey, whats up?" in the hallways or on myspace or whatever im fine with that ha.

I finished my Claymation today in art, and i feel like i need to share it haha, so here it is.

I don't think i like it but whatever. I think its stupid and worthless. But at least i get a grade on it. It was real hard to do, like the ball floating and all. But now i have to do another one cause my art teacher was being stupid, blahhhh. So im going to do like a yellow submarine type thing like the movie with the Beatles in it called the Yellow Submarine. Have you seen it? If you haven't i recommend you see it, i love that movie. I would say its rather cute. [:

But it amazes me how slutty girls have gotten over the years. All i heard today was "Oh yeah i had sex with so and so 5 times this break." From like 7 girls! Wow, kinda whoreish... Its kinda sad in a way that thats all they do now and days are drink and have sex. But not me, im cool and hang out at the mall, go bowling, go to peoples houses, and stay home. Drinking? Not my thing. It just leads to worse things. But i guess you can do whatever you please. Just don't bring me in your little drinking drama. ha.

Oh yes and another video oh some of the guys in my PE class, that really wasn't there song we were just looking up songs for our dance and we recorded this and jessie sticks her head in once in a while haha, ENJOY! its actually really funny.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wake me up, i can't wake up.

I received my Pink Ball from SocialVibe not too long ago and decided to take a picture with it. Kind of a bad picture, but whatever. And for everyone who doesn't know what SocialVibe is its a website where you can join a Cause and get sponsored without even having to pay a dime. Whenever you log on and update your status and stuff like that you earn points and when you earn points you make money for that cause. And when you get to a certin amount of points you can get a pink ball. I like it a lot. Right now i am supporting To Write Love On Her Arms. and raised about 41,902 dollars already just for that cause. And when you get to 100% you move on to a different one. I like it alot. 

Anyways I redid my Blog, i don't think i like it but whatever. Do you guys like it? ha. I got extremely bored and tired of my old one, so i decided it was time for a change. Change is good sometimes...uhm. Well Good change is good..

I kinda feel like i have nothing to talk about anymore. Everything is just the same, i wake up, go to school (Well not this week or last week? whatever ha), and deal with the stupid drama. ha. I need to be more exciting but i did make some promises to myself because im not following my new years resolution uhm...haha. But my promises are:

-From now on im going to live my life 'cause who knows, i may never see tomorrow.
-Im going to smile no matter what happens.
-My life isn't going to stop for one little bump in the road, im going to keep going and just see what happens.
-I will learn how to play guitar this year.
-I have goals, i WILL achieve them, and no one can stop me.
-I am going to do the impossible, cause guess what? Nothing is impossible. 

So my Artist list of what i have been listening too contains: Panic at the Disco, Phantom Planet, Cute is What We Aim For, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, Fall Out Boy, and Evanesance. The only artist i have been listening too lately. Its kinda weird. But i like it so its a-okay with me. Ha wow, im a total nerd, but thats alright i have to live with it. ha.

Also does anyone have a clue what "PPP" might mean? I have been pondering that all day and i still am, so if anyone knows just like tell me ha. But i don't think anyone knows but a certin four people. Gahh. Its 3:18 in the morning, i need sleep. Shopping tomorrow. Pretty excited. Woohoo for me! ha.

Also this:

"Forget the risk, take the fall. If its what you want, its worth it all."

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today went by extremely fast, i don't want it too though. Spring Break is going by too fast, i just realized that i haven't even done that much. I guess my life is just really boring. Everyone is like "Oh yeah tomorrow? Party, party, PARTY!!" i don't really care about drinking or smoking, who does it benefit? Yeah you get drunk and you have fun but your not really smart when your drunk and you wake up with a major hangover the next day. Can't you just wait like 6 years to drink legally? Plus you do stupid stuff that you usually don't remember and you can't go back and change it and everyone is like "I really shouldn't of done that, ughh i hate my life! Im living in hell!!" Well its your fault for drinking, not mine thanks. [:

Anywhoooo i need summer to come fast. Im going to California for like two weeks, woohoo! I can get out of this town for just a little bit! I really want to go to Monterey so i can go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I heard its the biggest in the United States. Yeah i know, people usally only little kids enjoy Aquariums and Zoos but i like them a lot. More Aquariums then Zoos cause i wanna be a Marnie Bioligest haha. 

Not looking forward to tomorrow, don't wanna go swimming or see anyone just wanna stay in bed! Blah. I guess im lazy too. ha. Once again i guess my life is extremely boring. Nothing really exciting happens, like Zak was all "What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this year?" And i ended up saying "Well...i really don't know, i guess nothing." And then it clicked, i have a boring life. The most exciting thing that happened to me was the Panic concert i went to in October, and Meeting Plain White Ts... Yeah i don't like to go drink, sneak out, get in fights and such. Id rather stay home, have friends over and just have fun knowing that we don't need beer to have fun, listen to music and dance around my room, ATTEMT to play my guitar, having long conversations on the phone, and color. The simple things in life is what makes me happy.

Wow, most of this blog was about how boring my life is. Sorry about that. Maybe i should start talking about random worthless things like....How this random guy on myspace won't leave me alone hahahaha. I even blocked him....

Oh!! I was just on Myspace and on the ADs it was like Criss Angel Quiz? Take it! and under it was like Panic at the Disco! Take the quiz now! How ironic?...Criss Angel..PATD. Wierd...Okay i need sleep, and i need to think about some things...

But for now Random song time!!

Five Minutes Till Midnight- Boys like Girls
Newport Living- Cute is what We Aim For
The Tide- The Spill Canvas
Everything is Alright- Motion City Soundtrack
California- Metro Station


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spin it round, spin it round.

LONG two days, moving all my stuff back in my room takes forever, and now i have all this crap laying on my floor cause i don't know what to do with it. My dance trophies and medals go on shelves along with my sea shells but guess what? No shelves yet, my mom wont take me to get some but whatever.Brooke and Amy are coming Friday i hope that will be fun. I was looking at some pictures on Global Warming and it like scares me to death. Ahh. Also i was doing research on Animal Testing for my speech (I think thats a good topic to talk about for like 10 minutes right?) and its so sad, i almost start crying. And i read about how the Government uses animal testing on dogs. Crazy right? I think its wrong. They spend more money on animal testing then they do curing illnesses. Blahblahblah.

Anyhoe I need to get ready, going to Adriana's house. Shes one of my few best friend that haven't just dumped me on the side of the road (hint HINT) ;] hahahahaha, wow im over that. Like if she doesn't have enough courage to come to me and talk to my face why should i try to talk to her? 

And I've been looking at my formal dress and just relized that i was supposed to be in her group, so now i don't know what im going to do. Something will turn out. Uhm...

Introducing Phoebe: 

She always makes my day, she comes in my room every night lays at my feet and starts purring. Shes so sweet, well until she comes up and starts biting everything she sees. Uhm...

P.s Im like obsessed with the song The Forth Drink Instinct by Cute is What We Aim for. mmhmm, :]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Go ahead and burn it down.

Pretty good Spring Break so far...well kinda. Friday went to Zacks house with Taylor, Sarah, and Zak. Sat in the hot tub for like 3 hours,i don't think thats good for you... Saturday went to Zacks house once again with Zak and Taylor and when we were in Zacks room his mom came in and started crying, and we were all whats wrong? And she was all, well you know Chris? Well he just killed himself.... Everyone started crying. That was the second teen suicide in 2009. Wow....

It was pretty emotional, so we decided to go bowling. Everyones scores were in the 100s and my score? Yeah it was 26. I suck at bowling. Thats no surprise though, I've always sucked. 

My room is almost done, just have to paint some spots black that we missed and vaccume, and i think clean my floor. Im just excited to get it done, im tired of just sleeping on a mattress. Now i can hang up all my stuff that i got, once again im excited ha. 

Depressing week...I hope it gets better. But the good thing is that the guy i like moved in next door. ;] Mmhmm haha. Wow, im lame. 

Im bored, so if anyone wants to talk


"Its just a lyrical lie made up in my mind."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lies are lies, hard not to believe...

I feel like i have to please everyone in this world, i never can please myself. Whenever i do something that i enjoy people get all pissy and hate me, But when it seems that i do something they like they seem a-okay with there lives,
Whats wrong with everyone lately? Is it me? Or is it just everyone?

I can never seem to please anyone lately. Not even myself. 
Im not depressed, I just act depressed sometimes because sometimes thats how i feel. Maybe i should just hid all my emotions and pretend everything is alright. 

I really should be doing homework, tomorrow is end of quarter. But no, im on here writing this. Which i would rather do in the first place. Everyone is bipolar these days, even my teachers. My math grade went to a A to a F from missing one thing, which wasn't even that many points. 

All i do is feel like crying right now, no one listens to me. Except my best friend, who is going out of town for two weeks so idk what ill do without her. Also i just love how everyone is like "oh yeah im here for you, whenever you wanna talk just come here and i'll listen."
Yeah, stop feeding me lies thank you.

Sorry for the rant, i need to do my math, to get my damn grade up. Joy.

"Im learning to fall and i can hardly breath."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The paperboy?

Comes every morning at like 2:30....I don't think thats like normal for a paperboy to come by in his car at 2:30 in the morning. And to add on to that he like chucks it at our door so it sounds like someone is trying to break into our house, blahh scary dude.

Just another day came and passed, im glad. I NEED Spring Break. I can't wait to hang out with my Best Friend like all week, you know sense my bestest best friend is leaving me for California im stuck with her. ;] haha, just kidding. But we ordered my new bed today, it should be in like friday hopefully. im tired of sleeping downstairs because i can't move my bed in my room until were done with it and i get my new bed, and plus my dad needs to put in my new light, because it blew up? haha, so now i have to pick out my outfit with a flashlight. Im lucky haha.

Also i have to do a speech on whatever i want, but it has to be ten minutes. No less, no more. I was thinking about doing like Animal Testing for it but i have no clue. It needs to be interesting and be able to be talked about for ten minutes. Any good ideas? I need one, blahhh. I hate English, it sucks. We always have to write these things and i have no idea what im doing. Good thing im not in Advanced. That would suck even more.

Oh and today i almost cut of one of my fingers TWICE in wood shop. It sucked, then Nicole comes over and says "Oh you know what they say, third times a charm." It got me scared. ha. Maybe i shouldn't work with wood working machines 'cause its not my first time almost cutting a finger off ha.

Random song:

If I Had Eyes- Jack Johnson 

Mmmhmm. ;]

Monday, March 2, 2009

Right back where we started from...

I had a alright day i guess, but this girl makes my day. But I don't think we ever have had a serious conversation haha. But it seems that p.e was the funnest. We were yelling at random kids in the hallway, but it was just random stuff. Pretty funny though. Looks like i have a crap load of makeup on. Which i really don't wear that much  because no one really need that much makeup on. I think its stupid when someone puts tons on.

But I've completely been dropped and forgot about, one of my "best" friends won't talk to me. But whatever maybe i should just let it pass and see what happens. I can't let my world stop because i had a bump in the road. I can't let it happen. Everything will work out in the end.

Anyhoe i got to paint my room this weekend, its light pink at the time. But tomorrow i get to paint the trim of everything black. Also i get to order my new bed and bed set which are black and white, i think it will hopefully look good. But right now i have to sleep down stairs until i get my new bed and get done with my room, ha. 

Secret Life is on tonight, im pretty excited haha. Wow, im lame but its alright. I LOVE it. :] But does anyone know when the season finale is? I heard its tonight? But im not sure. I'll be super mad if it is. I need it to be friday, im ready for spring break. Im tired of my school and almost everyone in it.


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