Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today was good, but kinda confusing in a way. Math was good for like once in a life time, its so fun to annoy Andrew with one of your best friends, haha. Also im now a piece of paper because Sarah decided to draw flowers on the few freckles i have. So i was stuck with those and a drawn on watch all day on my arms ha.
Also i ran like 5 miles today in Art, yeah art. Which wasn't too bad because we were doing a scavenger hunt but i was stuck with none of my friends so i was with all guys, which two of them i could stand, but the other one was just getting on my nerves and told me to go to the wrong places so then i was in charge of the map, ha. 

But i need sleep, the past week i haven't gotten like any sleep, i don't know why. Im tired but can't sleep, and just to top that one off i have two test tomorrow. And one if over Romeo & Juliet. Which i HOPE will be easy. Okay i feel like all im talking about is I guess my life is lame? But thats okay. 

But i found out formal is May 2nd or something like that. Not sure if im looking forward to it. You see, i don't have a date yet. But i have my dress. I hope i get a date, but if i don't then oh well ill just go in a group of friends, which IF i do get a date we we will still be going with my friends and there dates if they have them. 

I don't think i finished my homework, grand. I need to study, shower, and sleep. My top priorities for the night. 

Random Song:

Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap 

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