Monday, February 16, 2009

Tempest in a tea cup, get unique.

So Dr.Phil is interesting today. He is calling this girl a slut because she wears dresses, mini skirts and tight clothes. But i wear skirts, shorts, and clothes that actually like fit me. But whatever i guess. And don't ask me why Im watching Dr.Phil, there is just nothing on lol.

I woke up this morning sick once again, its not fun. Well today there is a Secret Life marathon, I'll probably end up watching that, i missed like a episode about 3 weeks ago, and just stay in bed and do nothing all day. It sounds pretty good to me. But i have to study for my Wood Shop test tomorrow. haha. I hate that class, but its too late to switch so im stuck in it. Oh well. 
No dance today, i was kinda happy cause i didn't feel like going. Closed for presidents day, woohoo! But i still have to go in tomorrow, if im still sick i can just sit and watch if not i have to dance. Its definitely not fun being sick, im always sick around competition thats not so good. I always have like the cough attacks and i have to hold my breath so i don't cough when i dance. Its torture. 

Were supposed to get some snow tomorrow, i hope it doesn't happen. I hate snow, when it snows it never seems to stop. Bummer. But my grandpa wanted me to watch the Moscow Ballet Nutcracker from a few years back, i was a mouse lol. I really didn't wanna be one but sense i have long legs they wanted me to be a mouse. 

I just ordered some extremely cute tube socks, one pair looks like a shark and they make it look like its biting your legs and i got some peace sign ones. So so cute! I love online shopping, you get so much stuff you can't get at the mall. And plus you can shop in your pjs which makes it comfortable. Lol. Okay, i feel like im just talking about random stuff...

My random song of the day is...:

Newport Living- Cute Is What We Aim For

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  1. pahha, dr.phils interstinggg.