Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I guess life is full of disapointment for me. Almost everyone i know has been going out every night, drinking, getting high, and having sex. Disapointment right there. It seems when ever i get my hopes up i turn around and there's disapointment. Maybe i shouldn't get my hopes up anymore then i won't deal with as much disapointment. Eh, probably wont even work.

Today was my last day babysitting. Victory! But i didn't get paid, the guy told me if i wait 'till Tuesday to get paid he would pay me for Monday and Tuesday even though i don't have to work. Stellar. That means on Tuesday i can go buy a week (two week i guess sense now its two weeks long) pass to the fair. Better take advantage of the fair when we have it huh?

Tomorrow i get my new chinchilla. Yay! Not sure what to name him yet, i have a few names in mind. And they are: Oliver, Chester, Sammy, Ringo, Winslow, and i forgot the other one's. Woops. What sounds good to you? I like Chester or Oliver. But who knows what im going to name him.

Depressing week this week i must say. Three people died. But the only person who i knew who he actually was is Michael Jackson. Thats so sad that he died like that. Out of know where, bam! he died. And what really shocked me was that the Media actually posted pictures of him dead. Of corse i didn't look at them. Some sick people are out there huh? It sickens me.

I saw Year One last night, with my mom 'cause everyone was outta town. I liked it a lot. But then again Michael Cera is my favorite actor in the world. My mom obviously like it, she laughed through the whole thing which was kinda emberssing (spelling ha, i don't feel like changing it so SORRY!), everyone kept stairing like its a crime to laugh at a movie.

Thats all i got for now. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, you will NEVER be forgotten.

Monday, June 22, 2009


This is offiically one of my favorite videos.
Its hilarious, yet creative.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is a story of a girl.

Summer life has been a drag. I wake up, get ready, babysit, go home, check e-mail, read. Exciting right? Gah, i wish. And with babysitting i am getting ripped off. Working 7-6 five days a week, two kids for $50 a week. Last week i worked 63 1/2 hours and got paid $50. Thats like, less than a dollar a hour. I haven't hung out with friends 'till the last day of school. But i guess thats no big of a deal, well it is but after dealing with two kids for 9 hours NO THANKS!

Everyone's been acting weird lately. Everyone i talked to this week haven't been happy, they have no emotion when i talk to them. I wonder whats up with that? I always try and stay in a positive mood no matter what but it seems im having a little trouble with that. I always say im going to stay positive or im not going to let anyone get me down, but i just can't stick with that. For some reason its hard for me, i can never stick to what i say.

For the bright side of things i think im getting a new chinchilla next week. That means no babysitting on Friday! Yayyy! ha, but i think i might quit. I feel bad, but for once i need to do something for me. Im so stressed that i don't even wanna do anything anymore, hence all i really do is read. Which isn't a bad thing, i like to read. Speaking of reading i finished 'Impulse' this week, my FAVORITE book so far. Anyways also im getting ripped off. And now that im getting a new pet i need to take wayyyy better care of him. So then i can stay home, take care of my animal, make sure the house looks okay (My mom is offering to pay me more than 50 a week to take care of the house!), and then i can have my summer back. That sounds appealing.

Thats all for today, i need a shower and sleep. After babysitting going to see Year One hopfully! Excited for that one.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Save Me!!

Holy Tornado! Yea, thats a tornado forming and now there is one outside of my town kinda close where i live.
Now i can be scared. Someone save me!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It doesn't feel like summer at all. Waking up at 7, babysitting till 4 go home, do nothing (well not YET), and watch the rain. We haven't had one day this summer that it hasn't rained. Its usally really nice outside. But i guess not this year huh?

But im glad my brother is a lifegard this summer. Why? 'Cause i get to be around lifegards all day. [: haha. And well...there not too bad looking either. And then again i get into the pool for free now. Thanks for working at a pool! Oh the advantages of having a older sibling.

But tomorrow i have to get up way more earlyer then i usally do. I have to go get my braces tightened. I hate that time of month. Last time i went in they put spacers in my teeth and decided i didn't need them till July and yanked them out. And they also took my chain off (those of you who have had braces or have braces know what a chain is, but some who haven't might, who knows?) and i have two new spaces in my teeth 'cause there was a space in the back of my mouth and it just spaced it out. I think that made sense.

I had enough energy to re-do my blog. Im thinking i like it but im totally not sure yet. Black, white, and red go together well. But on my blog it looks kinda creepy, well maybe not. I sure don't know.

Last night i decided to take a listen to the band The Friday Night Boys. There pretty good, better than i expected. My favorite song from them is Stuttering. Also All Time Low's song Weightless is pretty good. I decided to take a listen of that too. Not a let down from that song, hope there CD is going to be that good. I think this year is going to be a good year for music. Green Day's CD turned out good, Cobra Starship is probably going to be good (from what i've heard already AND there working on the video for 'Good Girls Go Bad', All Time Low should be good, Panic at the Disco well...we don't know yet (working on demo's right now, but from what Pete Wentz have said it should be pretty good). And tons of more CD's but i just don't feel like typing them all. Yea, i guess im sorta lazy but who cares? Its summer!
"Maybe its not my weekend, but its going to be my year."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh Hey!!

I have a shadow tonight, and her name is...Pheobe!
She likes pictures taken, i think. She always sits up like this and just stares at me when i get my phone out to do anything.
P.S Whenever my mom sees me and Pheobe she sings 'Me and My Shadow' Cool mom, cool.

So i guess its back to us.

I've never been so busy durring the summer. And it just started. Who knew 5 year olds could eat so much in one hour. But at least i get paid for watching her. Also i was in the kitchen making her lunch (of course, more food.) And she was playing Wii and all of a sudden i hear "Shit!!!" Uhm..she's 5 and says cuss words. And says balls when she gets mad. And her parents know that she says this stuff.

I really need to re-do my blog. But i've been putting it off 'cause im too lazy. Maybe i'll do it later tonight. But im not sure what to do with it.

So i've been thinking about next year and what should i do besides student councell (uh..yea not how you spell that...) Either dance again or winter cheerleading (basketball). But the thing with dance is that i quit at the studio i was with for about 9 years i believe. And i don't want to go back because all they would care about was getting big trophys and beating the other studios and not about fun, which its what its supposed to be about in the first place. But if i go to a different one everyone from my old studio would hate me, but should i really care?

I don't know, maybe i should try cheerleading or dance again. Its just hard to choose. But life is full of choices. And if one doesn't work out then i could try the other one. I guess.

Well i have nothing else to say. I just need sleep. Waking up early kills me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I would lie.

Summer is already better. I don't know how, or why it just is. I got some good new:

1. Im going to Blink 182/Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco for sure.

2. While im down in Nebraska for that concert im getting a chinchilla. Stellar.

And for some odd reason I've been saying 'Stellar' a lot lately. I wonder why... I've never really said it before it just happend out of know where, but i guess having different "Sayings" (you could say) every once in a while wont hurt eh?

On the last day of school my P.E teacher drove up in this little red car thing. He looked like a elf, a overly large elf. I guess im going to miss this school, but next year ill be on better adventures, bigger schools, more people, older people, and probably getting lost. I actually get to go to a REAL high school. But right now its summer and i shouldn't be worrying about school. Thats in like mmm 3 months?

I need to start going outside and try to get tan. 'Cause 1.) I have a weird tan line 2.) Im extremely white. But the keyword here is try. I can't get tan if my life depended on it. Well i did get really tan when i went on my cruse for dance. But that was like 1-2 years ago. Oh how time goes by. Its crazy how fast time goes, when i think about it I only have 3 more years of living here then im on my own. Scary.

I guess theres not a lot going on in my life right now. Well and its only the third day of summer and i really haven't done much. And the sad thing is Sarah is leaving for this whole month and wont see her till the 1st of July. Why dose her life have to revolve around her brother? It kinda sucks, but whatever i guess i can't do anything about it.

Btw; i love this video. yea, okay i like Taylor Swift.
P.S I need to do something to my blog, its getting sorta boring.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer '09

So far:
Lets see where shall i start? Oh! Alright so i woke up Tuesday (first day of summer) and went to the store for my camp over (i guess you could say...) and came home got ready for it.
Sarah and Siara came over, we had a blast! One of the funnest days of my life. Well...
Untill like 8:45 9:00ish? Ginger (my mom's dog) was barking at Nikko's (chinchilla) cage, so we looked and see what she was barking at right?
Well Nikko was laying on his side breathing REALLY hard, so i freaked out and yelled for my mom to come up stairs and i took him out. Well he felt really cold so we took a heating pad and rapped it around him, while he was getting warm we took him down stairs with us and watched the Rocker. In the middle of the movie he started to twitch 'cause he was trying to stay alive. And right on the dot at 10:00 he stopped breathing. He died.
One of the saddest/funnest day of my life. We don't know why he died, he was only 6 or 7 years old and there supposed to live till there 20.. I woke up and my eyes were all red and swollen.
These two days have been pretty depressing and rainy. First day of summer it rains! Dang weather.
I just hope this summer will be better soon, my dad told me were going down to Denver in a couple weeks to look at a Chinchilla Breeder, he wants me to get a new one. Just so i get happer, 'cause he was my first pet to actually stay alive for more than a month! Ha!.
After that depressing story (Sorry about being depressing!! and sorry for having so many of these: ().) we didn't get to camp, so we had to go inside and do smores. There not as good in the microwave. Who knew? Well i guess i do now.
But summer, will you please get better for me? Just a litte?

R.I.P Nikko.

P.S I miss not being able to see you run on your wheel when i look up from the computer. ha,

P.P.S Maybe im making a big deal out of this, i hope not...