Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Somedays I want to just cry
Somedays I want to drive and never look back. 
Somedays I just want to do my own thing, dance, draw, do whatever, and not care what anyone thinks. 
Today, yeah today is one of those days. One of those days that I want to do everything above, and don't care what a person says. 
I wish i could do that, for some reason I have cared a lot of what everyone thinks of me. If when i dance, its not good enough to please them. When I draw, get creative, I always think i have to impress everyone. And that i have to dress extra nice. I don't know what's wrong with me. All i have felt like doing is crying. And i know for a fact that i am not depressed. 
And now people are calling me anorexic because i don't eat lunch. 

But I really shouldn't care what people think about me but lately i have been caring.
Whatever, maybe its just a stage or something.

Anyways maybe i should talk crap on Criss Angel so he will levitate. haha. I found that kinda funny, but immature of him to say that stuff. 

Im so impatient, i want it to be friday. Im going to Friday the 13th with my best friend, Sarah. Then were just going to mess around downtown and all night Im pretty excited. Also I believe I am going to a Fall Out Boy concert in April with her, so im also excited about that. 
Thats all i have to say now, but i think later i want to do a 10 random facts about random stuff lol, it sounds pretty fun. 

P.s isn't that picture hot? haha. 

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