Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ha, Valentines Day?

Is fricken stupid, no point in it like AT ALL. Its pretty much, "Oh let me go get my girlfriend something so i can get laid" Day. So i think Valentines day can like die. Who agrees? But whatever, i had a AWESOME day with my Best Friend, Sarah. Screw guys when i have my bestie to hang out with
So here is one of the HUNDREDs of pictures we took. ha. I hate my smile but Im in love with this picture, it think its one of my favorites. Also we saw Friday the 13th last night. Ooh was it scary. And before it started we turned to each other and like head butted. It was pretty funny, but i have a bump from it. And the guy who sat next to us was so so so funny! He was like "uh...What the hell, he grabbed a pan?" hahaha. But he told us he was glad we sat next to them cause we weren't creeps like everyone else in this town.

But instead of sending Valentines to the guys we like, we had a tea party (long story), watched the happening (STUPID movie, almost as stupid as Valentines Day), played wii fit, and pretty much had one of the funnest days and night ever. Oh also we made TONS and TONS of funny videos of us doing stupid crap. Its amazing. 

But here is my random song of the day:

Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet- Fall Out Boy 

I hope you all had a fan-fricken-tastic Valentines Day. haha, cause i know I did.

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