Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You wear your heart on your sleeve while i threw mine to the sky,

Didn't go to school today, my dad made me stay home cause i was sick. But i got to sleep more and work on my Claymation for art. Its actually kinda cute and coming together nicely lol. I also found a song that would go great with it: Vegas- All Time Low. I've been listening to them lately for some wierd reason. 
Who has heard the new song for Coke? Brendon Urie from PATD sings in it, thats the only way i found out about it. But its a cute little song. I know Patrick Stump from FOB sings in it along with Travis McCoy from GCH but i have no clue who else sings in it. But the song makes me happy, listen to it on a bad day there is a possibility it will make you happy. :)
Im really digging Ellen Hopkins books for some reason, i usually don't read if i don't have to but her books are really good. Crank is one of them, its a true story about her daughter i think? Its kinda sad. But the good thing about today is that i felt a little better so i kinda picked up my room a little bit and found my signed Step Up 2 poster that my brother decided to hid a while back. So my dad wants me to frame that one.
Also i get to redo my room next month im excited cause i finally can put up all my stuff from my walls before, but i have one problem i have all these dance trophies, ribbons, and stuff like that i have no idea what to do with them cause i don't want a lot of things cluttering my walls, maybe shelves? I also need to know where to put all my seashells that i have gotten over the years, maybe i will just put those on shelves also, who knows.  

I need it to be spring, Im so tired of all the snow and cold weather. Also I feel sorry for all the people who have to make fun of others and make there lives hell just to make themselves feel better. How sad. Im tired of it, just because you don't like that person doesn't mean you can make fun of them because the person they thought they loved cheated on them. Once again how sad. No one deserves to be treated like that, NO ONE. 

And my random song of the day is..:

Heels Over Head- Boys Like Girls

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