Sunday, February 22, 2009

And I'll pretend that everything is alright..

                          "Surround yourself with people who lift you higher."

Stay with the people who cares about you the most. The people who make you feel good about yourself. The negative people just lower your self-esteem, and make you feel worse about yourself. Try to stay away of people like that.

I've had a weird obsession with keeping my room clean the past week, i can't stand it when its messy. Maybe it because i get to re paint it and get a new bed and all on friday. 
My moms best friend from high school is coming into town and bringing her daughter, so i have to spend time with them when they come. I don't even remember who they are so it might be a little awkward...

Also i think i have a new favorite movie, Chicago. I just love it, its different. And it makes you wanna watch it over and over again. And I've been reading alot, i mean a lot. I stayed home on a friday night and just read, i guess imma nerd. But thats okay, nerds are awesome. :D Woohoo!! But the book Im reading is actually really good, Glass. Its sad of what drugs can do to you, that and alcohol. Everyone i talk to is like "Oh yeah i went to this awesome party last weekend, and got WASTED!!!" Whats the use of it anyways? It just leads to suicide, accidents, rape, and a bunch of other stuff when you drink underage. But whatever, its there life i guess.

Also my random song of the day is...:

The Way She Moves- Forever the Sickest Kids

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