Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Learn to open your heart and give without expecting anything in return."
When you want the least you gain the most. Give to those you love, friends, family. Whether its giving your emotions, trust, or a gift. Don't want the whole world in your hands, chances are it wont turn out too well.

I feel very inspirational today. Maybe I'll start doing quote things like this every time i post. But i do LOVE this picture, its so creative. I mean who would think about making a picture like that? Its pretty much amazing.

Today was okay i guess. Cleaned out my closet and found a bunch of clothes that i thought i lost. Its pretty much grand. But for some reason me and Adriana wanted pancakes so bad, so our plan was too go out for lunch or whatever to get pancakes, but it seems that she had to babysit and i ended up sleeping till 12:30. So no pancakes for us. 

All i know is i defiantly don't wanna go to school tomorrow. I have to do a essay on a character from Romeo & Juliet and i have no idea what im doing. I think i wanna do it on one of the Cousins but i don't know.  I really am not looking forward to school this next quarter. With finals and everything.

But im tired of everyone thriving to be popular. I mean i really don't care if im popular or not, its not even a big deal, you just get more pressure in doing this you don't wanna do. Why would someone want that? But whatever do what you please, its your life. Go achieve what you wanna do with your life, if its to be popular than okay, go for it kid. Ha.

And my random song of the day:

Mona Lisa (When the World Comes Down)- All American Rejects.

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