Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your just in time to witness my first breakdown.

"Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving."

When there is a bump in the road, don't stop the world because something happened. Live your life, you only live one. Have fun, live while you can. You never know you can be fine one day but the next you could be paralyzed. No matter what happens whether your friends are turning against you, you and someone got into a fight, just keep on living.

Speaking of friends turning against you, thats pretty much happening to one of my "best" friends. Now she won't even talk to me, and barley look at me, did i really screw up that bad? Because i couldn't go to a movie with you? Seriously, i wish people would just stop. And i realized that its better when i only have a few friends, the ones who never seem to let me down, yeah thats like 3 people? But thats okay. 

So i decided what i wanted to do with my room, light pink walls with black and white everything else. Does that sound good? I thought it would look kinda cute, i found a vintage black and white bed set that would look pretty. So yeahhh. :D

So i had to take a test in Social Studies today and i didn't know what i was doing so i asked Andrew about everything, haha. But the weird thing is that i guess i went to school with him like four years ago? Lol. 

You maybe here to bring me down, but watch I'll be standing at the top of the world in no time.

My Random song of the day:

The City is At War- Cobra Starship


  1. Your room ideas sound awesome!


  2. I think everyone could relate to some friend turning their back on you.
    Cobra Starship = Love