Monday, March 2, 2009

Right back where we started from...

I had a alright day i guess, but this girl makes my day. But I don't think we ever have had a serious conversation haha. But it seems that p.e was the funnest. We were yelling at random kids in the hallway, but it was just random stuff. Pretty funny though. Looks like i have a crap load of makeup on. Which i really don't wear that much  because no one really need that much makeup on. I think its stupid when someone puts tons on.

But I've completely been dropped and forgot about, one of my "best" friends won't talk to me. But whatever maybe i should just let it pass and see what happens. I can't let my world stop because i had a bump in the road. I can't let it happen. Everything will work out in the end.

Anyhoe i got to paint my room this weekend, its light pink at the time. But tomorrow i get to paint the trim of everything black. Also i get to order my new bed and bed set which are black and white, i think it will hopefully look good. But right now i have to sleep down stairs until i get my new bed and get done with my room, ha. 

Secret Life is on tonight, im pretty excited haha. Wow, im lame but its alright. I LOVE it. :] But does anyone know when the season finale is? I heard its tonight? But im not sure. I'll be super mad if it is. I need it to be friday, im ready for spring break. Im tired of my school and almost everyone in it.


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