Monday, September 27, 2010

Its been so long.

Well well well blog long time no see. I'm thinking about deleting all my old posts and starting over. We all need a fresh start once in a while. Then maybe, just maybe I will remember to post on here.

Its late right now so I may say in another post tomorrow what's been going on with my life lately when I wasn't on the internet.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh my!

goodness I never post on this blog anymore. Remind me too okay? I like this one to I guess..Express my feelings. On this blog non of my friends read it. And I like it that way, I don't know its just somewhere I can say my feelings about everything and not get ranted at about it. Freedom of speech for the win!

P.s i need to re-do my blog, its been like this for forever!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh man.

Oh hey, its been a while. I forgot all about this blog. I've been hanging out in tumblr, but I could always post in both? Here is the link to it:

Its been about eh, three months? Quite a bit has happened. It turned out that i didn't make a cheerleader, oh well. But i was in our spring musical. We did Grease. It was a blast! Of course it was too late for me to try out for a lead so I was just chorus which wasn't a bad thing 'cause I'm a dancer.

So there's a picture of the whole cast doing the hand jive.

Ah, I also cut and dyed my hair! Its a light blonde now. I like it a lot. It made me more confident in myself. Which is not a bad thing for me at this time. I've been lacking self confidence, which made school be harder to get through. But I have met some amazing people these past couple months. And one thing that is strange is i'm good friends with my brother's friends. I feel comfortable talking to them and telling them things, and they do the same. Its really strange.

In art one day me and my friend Sarah decided we wanted to be harry potter characters. So I was Ron and she was Harry. And I had freckles and she had glasses and a lightening bolt on her forehead. We also had wants on our hands and writing that said "Ron Weasly (the ginger)" and "Harry Potter (the chosen one)" I'm obsessed a tad about ginger kids. They're just so cute!