Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pick the poison and pour yourself a glass.

I'm sorry i haven't been posting lately. I've been busy for the most part.

What is high school like for me?
Its alright i guess. Passing periods i always get smashed by all the older kids. Thats not always joyful let me tell you that. In fashion design we made "Hattii Dolls" or something like that, they looked like voodoo dolls. I kid you not. I just wish my best friend went to my school. Kinda depressing. In drama i have to act out a childerens book. I was going to do "Are you my mother?" But i think "Green Eggs and ham" will be much easier to act.

A couple days ago my dog would not leave the backyard. We had no idea what so ever why. And one morning before school started i decided to see what was so interesting, it was a turtle. And there is no wild turtles where i live. So i have no idea how he/she got back there. I decided to name it Murtle the Turtle. At first i asked my dad if we could keep him he said no. A day later we found the turtle again. Once again i asked if we could keep it. My dad finally gave in. So right now he/she is in a baby pool with dirt water salad and tree branches. We couldn't find a turtle tank or anything so we have to go look for that this weekend. But i guess the pool will work find for now.

I also got my hair cut. I'm not sure if i like it, Tuesday i'm going to go get it dyed so i'll probably like it better then. Okay, gotta go do homework. My sophomore year isn't turning out the way i would like it too...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Sorry i have been ignoring you lately. School started today and i have been super busy. I've been in Montana for the past week with my family school shopping. Not fun. Today was my first day of my sophomore year. Oh and may i add that it was a new school. I got lost a couple times, but i found my way. None of my friends are in my classes, they're all in different classes together. But i did change my classes so I'm not in freshman math. But then they didn't even give me a math class, maybe i should check up on that. But for now im fine going to Fashion Desigen to Biology to lunch (which by changing my math class i got lunch with Sarah.) to Drama-Ind Study to PE.
I haven't made any new friends yet, maybe i should so i'm not stuck not knowing anyone. But thats just my luck.

Today I found out the dates for Cobra Starship to go on tour. My mom said i could go for my birthday present 'cause my brother got a $500 AMP for his guitar for his birthday. I also got 'Hot Mess' on Tuesday. At first i was a little unsure about it but it grew on me. Now i completely love it. I also joined 'Cobra Crew' which came free with the CD. So now i have chances to meet them.

I have to go get ready for tomorrow. But it seems that I keep procrastinating. I need to straighten my hair so its not a afro tomorrow morning.

"The reflection in the mirror is her only friend..."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nothing but the local Dj.

This summer has been a drag i decided. I have done completely nothing but i guess thats alright with me. Don't you get a summer break to rest right? So i guess i've been doing that. I went to the mountains again today, My eyes always itch so bad when I'm up there, but its so pretty and peaceful.

I have 15 more days of summer left. I just want to get school over with. I already have my freshman year done (which people say is the worst year?) so i don't have to worry about being the new kid. I always hated being the new kid. I feel bad for all the kids who come and don't know anyone, i try to be there friends. But sometimes it doesn't work, they always want to hang out with the 'cool' kids who go out every friday night with a bunch of friends and get drunk. I have my friends, i may not have many but i have some and they've been there for me every time.

I decided that I want to just start doing whats good for me and not want everyone else wants me too do. I'm tired of it. I'm going to keep moving on with my life no matter what. Life doesn't stop for anyone. There might be some bumps in the road but you can always fix those. Don't start living your life when your 40, start living it now. You can never go back in time and take it all back. Don't regret anything you do. Someone asked me a couple days ago "If you can go back in time would you change anything?" My answer was no. They seemed suprised at my answer and asked me why? I responded "I wouldn't be who i am or be where i am right now if i changed what i did in the past. No regrets. The past is the past and its over with, you have to look into the future and worry more about that then what already happened." I was proud of my answer. Learn from your mistakes other than sitting there and regreting them.
You can't change the past, you can only change the future.