Saturday, October 31, 2009

Karma Police

I know, i know i disappeared again. And i always say i'll come back and start posting more.
Now i actually mean it.

Well, tons have been going on in my life.
I lost a few friends, and i gained a few. And about the losses i'm not so sad about. I know i
should be but... I'm not. It was one of those friends who treat you like crap and don't really
care if you're there or not but care if you're not friends with them. A couple of those friends i

I also tried out for cheerleading. Yes, people think cheerleaders are sluts, annoying, and
everything else you can think of. But most aren't. Its sad about those girl and how they feel
when people make fun of them because they enjoy what they do. They love cheerleading and
get made fun of for it. How right is that? No body should be made fun of just because they
love doing something. Its just not cool. They like doing it, so what?

Also, i got a dailybooth. And its
If you have one, tell me or whatever.

"But we're faster and never scared."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ive been lacking posts

Sorry, my computer broke, currently getting fixed at this moment in time.

I Wish he waS My best friend, people need to stop being so serious in life and realize that sometimes you just have to put all seriousness away and have fun once in a while.
Life is too short for everyone to be serious. This is why me and Sarah try to make everyone we see who looks sad or is just standing there sing and dance with us. Not joking, we do this every day. Lunch and after school is the best time to do it. Not many people will do it. Even if it does mean we will embarrass ourselves we still do it.
I camE To the point where i dont really care what anyone thinks of me, im me, and im not going to change for anyone. If people dont like who i am, then finE they dont have to be around me oR Hang around me.
Our big KW that we remake every year and burn every year didn:t burn very well this year.
It was about
20 degrees outside,
extremely cold, to cold for me. Thats for sure.