Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't you just love sundays?

Today was just a calming day, I was just kinda free to do anything, ANYTHING and what did I choose to do? Clean my room.
Why? I have no idea, i hate cleaning. I just got up after doing my homework and cleaned my room and semi rearranged it. I have no idea whats wrong with me today, haha. 
But it was a relaxing day other than that.

But you know what bugs me like a lot? 
When people jude other people even if they don't know them, never talked to them, or even gave them the slightest chance. Its actually pretty sad and pathetic of that person to say such things to people. What has that person possibly done to make you hate them or even dislike them? Probaly nothing. I feel sorry for those type of people who hate to make themselves feel better, or to put a person down so they can get what they want. Im sorry but it will never work. Pretty sad huh?

Okay im done ranting for today, im going to go sew some pillows to make my room look pretty.
I love too sew. 
Yeah i know, i can be a nerd.

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