Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ha, i change my mind.

Today has not been great after the past hour. 
It surprises me of how people can just ruin your day just like that. I was having a FANTASTIC day until i got a little IM about how i "forget" and "don't care" about a certain person because i made plans with my BEST FRIEND 3 week ago. Sorry that because of YOU me and my best friend grew apart the past couple of months and i want to get close with her again.

Seriously? Its just a movie, there are more we can see out there. Just because YOU were the one mad at me because YOUR mom accusing MY dad he was "verbally abusing us" because he cussed once, ONCE. Which isn't even true, its natural to cuss, if your normal. And its not my fault my mom wanted to stand up for us because your mom, who judges us even know she doesn't know our family besides me, is feeding us LIES about OUR dad. 

Wow, ever sense you came into my life it has been hell. No joke. I loved life, i didn't care about what people said or thought about me i was happy about myself. Then you came along and made me self conscious because all guys "like" you, you go around flaunting everything you have, and you think your better at everything. Even dance. DANCE. I have been dancing for over 10 years now, i think Im pretty damn good at it. 

Thanks for giving me hell for the past 5-6 months, oh and don't even forget about everything I have done for you, I took you too a Panic At The Disco concert when My best friend was going to go but nooo, you had to go, even though you don't like them what the hell? Oh and not to mention that night after your "favorite band" Dashboard Confessional got off you were like oh yeah we should go like 3 or 4 songs till the concerts over cause the stand is going to be busy. You know how long i have been waiting to see Panic live?!!? A pretty damn long time and there my FAVORITE BAND i scream when i hear the word Panic, or even see them on tv. Just ask my mom the day we watched made and i saw Ryan and Jon come out and i screamed at the top of my lungs. Wow, thanks your sure a GREAT friend there. 

Whatever im done with this, well now i feel better that i spilt my feelings about that whole IM conversation we had. 

Oh p.s now i know why you can't keep a friend for more than a year.

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