Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bang Bang shoot them up YEAH!!!

Today was a way better day than yesterday, but i still feel like i have to impress everyone.
Uhm...wierd. Anyways in gym we have been doing workouts on like machines and i completely love it, well besides being all sweaty but thats alright cause its like the second to the last class of the day. But the running machine is my favorite, it gives you a great workout. 
But Im super sore because of it, and i have to dance in a about a hour once again, but i love dance so its alright. :D 
Were getting ready for competition and such, i hate getting ready for it but its worth it when your up there receiving your awards. I seem that I do better when I dance in Denver. Uhm...weird. But i still dance good here, least I think i do? 

Oh, also my formal dress came in today.

This is what it looks like. I think i like it lol. But Im super excited to go, but its in like a couple months lol. 

Well im going to start posting random songs that I like well here it goes.

Behind The Sea- Panic at the Disco

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