Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maybe were just trying to hard.

Wow, sorry about not posting for forever, i've been busy with Finals. And when im not i forget. I have the worst memory in the world. In about two days, when summer starts, I'll start posting more. I promise. Well..unless im on vacation or something without internet.

Like i said summer is in 1.5 days well for me anyways. I have no plans for this summer. Well besides going to Nebraska (I think, as far as i know.) but i really wanna go to California or Flordia. We might go to Flordia 'cause my Step Brother lives there and i haven't seen him for a while. And i really want to swim with Sharks. I know, most people are scared of them but im not. Did you know that more people die from vending machines then shark attacks? I found that sorta funny. Thanks to Logan i now know that.

Its already 8:30. Oh how time goes by so fast. Sometimes i just hate it. Today just went by way fast. I woke up, ate Pop Tarts, took a shower, got ready, went to the mall, shopped, went home, did laundry, planned for Tuesday, and now i've been working on writing this for about 20 minutes. I get distracted so easy. Mostly by Twitter, or NDP. Or something else happening in my house.
But now i have to hang my clothes up, figure out what to wear tomorrow, and sleep. sound like a pretty good plan to me. Oh and i got my Chinchilla (i really can't spell that), who's name is Nikko, a new wheel and he enjoys chewing on it, but he does run on it. Sorry about the random thing about Nikko, no one really cares haha.
"Each day is a gift and not a given right."
P.S I love living by the mountains, there so pretty. I took that picture when i had to walk home from school. And suprisingly its a good picture from being from a phone.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you know whats worth fighting for, if its not worth dying for?

I haven't posted in a while, sorry. I've been so busy with finals and homework its not even funny. I've gotten piled with homework this week and its only Tuesday. 5 more days then im free! Well kinda... This summer is going to be fun as far as i know. Im going to Nebraska for the Blink/PATD/FOB concert. My mom promised me i could go.

Nothing really exciting has been happening. Besides a weird tan line, its below my knee to my toes. Its funny looking, so im going to go sit in my back yard, do my homework, and try to even out my tan. Also i've been twittering like crazy, its a addiction. Well thats all i have for now. Homework, shower, then bed. Sounds good too me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I guess we made it.

Got my computer back, now i don't have to buy a new one. Yay, i guess. Now i can just put that money that i was saving for a lap top to my savings for the Blink/Panic/FOB concert. I guess im going to the one in Nebraska. The closest one to my state.

But i found out that it bugs me when people say "OMG!!! I give up on my life!!!." I just think, really? Your 15 i know for a fact that you aren't going to give up quite yet. You have the rest of your life ahead of you, so everyone knows your not giving up except if you killed yourself...thats not a solution to anything! Think your life could be worse, you could be starving, living on the streets, have a deadly disease, or dying and no one could care less about you. Just look at the positive things in life and stop worrying about the past. Its over with, there's no way to change it.

I've been twittering like crazy lately, its addicting. Its kinda hard not to post something completely random that has no point. Thats what makes it fun, well thats what i think. 

I finally played with chalk today, it was pretty fun. Super hot outside but other than that i enjoyed it. But when i came back in my house i was just sitting here on my bed and my window folded down (its one of these weird windows that you can push one thing up, and on thing down. And and you can pull the window part? [not the screen the other one to open it.] out and the wind blew it so hard that it slung open and hit me in the back of the head and i think i have a brain damage, i really hope that story made sense. If it didn't im sorry.

I have 8 days of school left then summer, can't wait. I really need to catch up with sleeping. Speaking of sleep i really need to get some. So many finals this week, i hate how teachers wait till last minute to give us all this homework and projects and finals. It stresses everyone out. But i don't think they know that, or they don't care. It could be both.

"Another piece of a puzzle that doesn't fit, you throw your hands like your so damn sick of it. What are you looking for?"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

One, 21 Gun.

Still no laptop, i think its broken for good. But whatever i guess.... I have some money saved up, so ill invest that in a new laptop. Sounds like a good plan for me. But now, i have to save up money for Blink 182/Panic at the Disco/Fall Out Boy concert this summer. Which i'll be on my way to Ohio for, but im going to one in one of the states were travleing through. The only good thing about that trip...

I got Green Day's CD this weekend, im in love with it. They were amazing on SNL last night. Kinda wanna see them in concert too. Maybe im not sure, i'll have to travel to Denver 'cause i like in nowhere land where no one come too.

10 Days of school, now im really counting. I can't wait till summer is here, i'll be free to do what i want, well almost. But then i have to deal with all this "you wanna party tonight?" crap. People already know my answer, its no. I guess imma "Goody Good" but thats fine with me, id rather have fun and actually remember what i did and i can control myself while doing so.

Thats all i have for now. Oh and today? I ran around my back yard taking pictures of trees and such, the picture above is one. I found out that being by myself is one of the greatest things ever. Call it weird but, thats what i think.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sorry no picture today. My laptop broke, and it has ALL my pictures on it and on this computer i only have really extremely old pictures from beggining of summer last year. So you probably don't wanna see that ha.

Like i said my computer broke today. It wont even turn on. I have the worst luck in the world, no joke. I almost killed myself in wood shop a couple days ago. It pretty much sucked. So im going to take my computer in to the tech lady at school, i hope she knows whats wrong with it.

Can't wait till summer. 13 and a half more days left. Thank god!!! Anybody have any plans for this summer? Im going to Ohio. Not really looking forward too it. But i get to see my brother that i haven't seen for like 11 years. I think he hates me, but whatever. And i want to go to tons of concerts, im saving my money up. I really wished i could of see Cobra Starship but i couldn't go, school day. But i got to skip school for Panic? Weird but i like panic better ha. Maybe Cobra will go on tour again after this one cause of their new album.

Speaking of new albums, lots are coming out this year. Green day (On friday!!!), Cobra Starship, Panic at the Disco, Black Eyed Peas, Incubus, and tons more i can't remember at the time haha. Anybody excited for any albums? I am three of the 5 i named. ha.

Well i need to take a shower and get sleep. I couldn't sleep lastnight, it sucked.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wake me up when September ends.

s amazing how some people can change just like that. These pictures were from the middle of the year, when everything was going great. Then both of them got into the whole drinking stuff. At first i was all "Okay, i can still be friends with them untill they pressure me into drinking which hopefully will NOT happe
n." Things went good for a while then they just became different people who i didn't know, they went out and drank, had sex. I drew the line there. 
People aren't supposed to be having sex at 14-15 or drinking, or smoking. These things just disgust me right now. I promised myself that i will not get like them, or do any of these things until i can. Its just disappointing.

Last night i went to a surprise birthday party. It was okay i guess. I had a little bit of fun but not a whole lot, we pretty much sat there and did nothing. I left after one of my good friends did. I was bored ha. I had more fun laying in bed watching movies with Phoebe (who is my cat btw;). Ever sense we got a new puppy my mom doesn't really pay attention to phoebe 'cause Ginger will attack her, no fun. So she follows me everywhe
re and sleeps with me. I now get more company. 

Everyone's birthdays were today, Mothers Day. My mom's
 best friends, Jordan, and Sarah's sisters. Well i guess its not EVERYONES but a lot of people's. Today was a relaxing day, kinda.... My dad made me clean out the garage with him, i didn't. I got distracted trying to skateboard until i fell on my face, so i played with the chalk. Yea, i still like to play with chalk, so what? Everyone has a little kid still in them.
 There's nothing wrong with that. That little kid in us is what makes us live our lives more full out then if everything was strictly business. That little kid is the one who says "I dare you too, NO! I double dog dare you!!" to your friends. Its that little kid in all of us that makes things fun. I could be wrong, whatever. Thats what i think.

So it seems that whenever i get mad or stressed inste
ad of being like a lot of people and get all mean and yell at everyone, i take a walk. By myself. I have no problem with doing so, it gives me time to cool off and think about everything. Plus i get exercise. Win win situation there.
 "Don't waste your life trying to get back what was taken away."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keep it simple now.

Okay, okay i lied. I didn't post EVERYDAY but i will post probably not like everyday but i will haha. But anyways nothing really exciting has been happening in my life. 

But i did go to my new school yesterday, the whole 9th grade at my school is moving and most of us went to KW. And so we have classes and there called TROY classes and its one day a week and we just sit there and talk basically. And its alphabetical order and i have no friends in my class. I know a total of two people in that class; Tyson and Tyler. And i don't even talk to them, great ha. But there is this one kid and he has a mustache and greasy hair. He kinda creeped me out.  So i guess i have to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends. I mean i can be REALLY shy at first, like i wont talk or anything. But once i get to know someone i get to not become shy. And sometimes im not shy at all. I can't wait till im done with High School. 

This picture above was probably one of the funnest nights ever. Who really knew running down my street singing "Paper Planes" and kicking rocks could be so fun? It was creepy though, cause it was like 10 at night and weird things kept happening, like this one guy on a bike not a motercycle a bike, had this weird light thing that blinked and we thought it was a alien so i hid in the back of my dad's truck while Sarah kid behind the trash can. Then this red jeep passed by over 5 times on my street, i mean i don't live in a creepy area. Its probably one of the safest areas in town, but it was freaky. Lots of fun things happened that night...

I have to read for English. To Kill A Mocking Bird. Its alright i guess, i can't get into it. Sp im not interested in it. But once im done with this book i have 9 more books to read then i can start a new list. I guess im a nerd but thats okay. I like to read, so what. Books rule your world.

Sleep sounds good now, good thing its almost Friday.

P.S I got a new phone, i love it.

"You can't be missed if you were never gone..."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My blog goal.

    My blog goal is to post a least one picture a day. Wether its of my favorite band, guitar player, shoe, my favorite picture, photography. Any thing! Just random stuff. And to post a picture that i took throughout my day. And sometimes i will post a video. I decided i wanted to do this cause i feel like i don't post any pictures. So starting today i will be!

P.S Yea i told you ~Random Stuff. So here you go. Enjoy kids.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Was amazing, even though i look HORRIABLE in every single picture we took, but whatever. It turned out better than we thought.
When we showed up, no one was dancing so us 5 girls got up and danced. It was just us 5 for about 30 minutes, yea we felt stupid but we got people to dance. 
Then i found out Adri is not one of my real friends, she tells me im one of her "Best Friends" but when i go up to her she walks away cause she's with a guy. Also one of her other "Best Friends" who is my best friend walks up too her and walks away. I guess her true colors showed.

All in all unforgettable night.

Btw; first picture: Me and my best friend waiting for my mom to get out of the store.
Second picure: Our group, Chrissy was the only one with a date. IGNORE MY FACE!! hahahaha.