Monday, February 14, 2011

Long time no see.

Hello everyone. Its been a while hasn't it? Life of a Junior and a cheerleader is busy. I've been having a lot to talk about lately so I might start coming back on here.

As you all may know today is Valentines day. I have been forever single for all of my life. I've have a couple of hook ups in the past few weeks but that's all. It seems that no one wants to be in a relationship with me. I've never had a valentine, ever. Why did I think that this year was going to change? I get my hopes up for people just to bring them down. And like every year I had no valentine this year. It blows, it really does.

I really don't think anything is wrong with me, so I don't know why people aren't interested in me. I can't even name a time where someone has liked me and has tried to be my boyfriend because its never happened. I'm tired of seeing all the happy couples in the hall, at the mall, or just around town. All I can think is "When is it going to my turn?"

This has been on my mind for a while. And I promise I'll come on more.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Its been so long.

Well well well blog long time no see. I'm thinking about deleting all my old posts and starting over. We all need a fresh start once in a while. Then maybe, just maybe I will remember to post on here.

Its late right now so I may say in another post tomorrow what's been going on with my life lately when I wasn't on the internet.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh my!

goodness I never post on this blog anymore. Remind me too okay? I like this one to I guess..Express my feelings. On this blog non of my friends read it. And I like it that way, I don't know its just somewhere I can say my feelings about everything and not get ranted at about it. Freedom of speech for the win!

P.s i need to re-do my blog, its been like this for forever!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh man.

Oh hey, its been a while. I forgot all about this blog. I've been hanging out in tumblr, but I could always post in both? Here is the link to it:

Its been about eh, three months? Quite a bit has happened. It turned out that i didn't make a cheerleader, oh well. But i was in our spring musical. We did Grease. It was a blast! Of course it was too late for me to try out for a lead so I was just chorus which wasn't a bad thing 'cause I'm a dancer.

So there's a picture of the whole cast doing the hand jive.

Ah, I also cut and dyed my hair! Its a light blonde now. I like it a lot. It made me more confident in myself. Which is not a bad thing for me at this time. I've been lacking self confidence, which made school be harder to get through. But I have met some amazing people these past couple months. And one thing that is strange is i'm good friends with my brother's friends. I feel comfortable talking to them and telling them things, and they do the same. Its really strange.

In art one day me and my friend Sarah decided we wanted to be harry potter characters. So I was Ron and she was Harry. And I had freckles and she had glasses and a lightening bolt on her forehead. We also had wants on our hands and writing that said "Ron Weasly (the ginger)" and "Harry Potter (the chosen one)" I'm obsessed a tad about ginger kids. They're just so cute!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Karma Police

I know, i know i disappeared again. And i always say i'll come back and start posting more.
Now i actually mean it.

Well, tons have been going on in my life.
I lost a few friends, and i gained a few. And about the losses i'm not so sad about. I know i
should be but... I'm not. It was one of those friends who treat you like crap and don't really
care if you're there or not but care if you're not friends with them. A couple of those friends i

I also tried out for cheerleading. Yes, people think cheerleaders are sluts, annoying, and
everything else you can think of. But most aren't. Its sad about those girl and how they feel
when people make fun of them because they enjoy what they do. They love cheerleading and
get made fun of for it. How right is that? No body should be made fun of just because they
love doing something. Its just not cool. They like doing it, so what?

Also, i got a dailybooth. And its
If you have one, tell me or whatever.

"But we're faster and never scared."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ive been lacking posts

Sorry, my computer broke, currently getting fixed at this moment in time.

I Wish he waS My best friend, people need to stop being so serious in life and realize that sometimes you just have to put all seriousness away and have fun once in a while.
Life is too short for everyone to be serious. This is why me and Sarah try to make everyone we see who looks sad or is just standing there sing and dance with us. Not joking, we do this every day. Lunch and after school is the best time to do it. Not many people will do it. Even if it does mean we will embarrass ourselves we still do it.
I camE To the point where i dont really care what anyone thinks of me, im me, and im not going to change for anyone. If people dont like who i am, then finE they dont have to be around me oR Hang around me.
Our big KW that we remake every year and burn every year didn:t burn very well this year.
It was about
20 degrees outside,
extremely cold, to cold for me. Thats for sure.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The best part of believe is the lie..

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been meaning to get on here and post but i get distracted with random things. But i promise i will post way more. I'll try to every day or every other day.

I got my hair dyed and cut. Wanted it platinum blonde, and dyed all over. And thats not what she did. She did highlights again. Every time i go in she does highlights and nothing more. So i think I'm going to go to a different hair dresser.

School has been in session for about 6-7 weeks now. And tons of people have changed. A couple days ago one of my old friends came up to me and started having a conversation about how she saved her money up to go and buy alcohol after school and she needs to go smoke, and i asked her was it 'cause her new friend smoke and drink, she replied yes. I told her i didn't care about her drinking or smoking so if she wants to talk about something interesting to come back and talk to me.

Being a follower never gets you anywhere in life. People don't decide your future you do, so why follow? Go ahead, be yourself. Being someone else doesn't help anything, it just makes two people one. When you begin to follow people, they start making decisions for you. It doesn't matter if the decisions are good or bad, they just want to look better. No matter how good or bad of a friend they are, they always want to look better than there 'followers'. I don't like people like that. Thinking there superior to everyone just 'cause.

Everyone is equal. No one is better than anyone else.