Thursday, February 12, 2009

I got birds on my ears, and a devil on my shoulders.

I feel very creative today, like all day I have felt this way. Good thing today was a A block day at school, which means I had art. Thank god, because I hate wood-shop. All we do is sit there and draw lines all day.
But i feel pretty good because i ran 2 miles today in gym. I enjoyed it. Maybe when i get stressed i should run, i could get some other exercise other than dance. Speaking of dance, today we did cardio all day. But personally i think we should be getting ready for competition and practicing all of our dances and get them as perfect as we can. But i know there is no such thing as perfect.

So im pretty much tired of all of this high school drama going on, about the stupidest stuff in the world. I feel like im in 3rd grade again, but in 3rd grade drama was when someone stole your crayon. I wish i still had that kind of drama. Ha. I try to stay out of it but i just get pulled in again and again, maybe its just the friends i have. But who knows.? 

Also Im going to do my song of the day and it shall be:

Come one, come all- All Time Low


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