Monday, February 9, 2009


Was much of a better day than yesterday which is a great thing. 
It was boring but good. I didn't have to deal with anyone today and just had fun. But I hate how everyone calls me Taylor. Im Kaitlyn, nothing close to Taylor lol.
Why do they call me this you ask? I have no idea, i don't even look like a Taylor. But whatever.
But i was pretty bummed that Panic didn't win there Grammy last night. I think the Deluxe Addition of Pretty.Odd is amazing. I know i love mine. :D ha, im a total nerd but i love it.

Its nerdtastic. ha, like my new word? Yeah, Im just that good. ha. 
But when i woke up this morning it was raining. Weird. But it turned into snow and it stopped for now, its probably not going to stop later. Bummer. 

Also when I was sitting in Social Studies i think it was i heard the song Tainted Love and wanted to get up and start doing my Jazz Solo i did for Competition about a year back, it wasn't a bad dance. It was actually really cute and i had this red dress and it had a heart on it where the straps were. Well thats all for now.

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