Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Film the world before it happens.

Today was actually really good. For like once in a year, ha kidding. But it has been a while sense i have had a good day, i mean i had good nights but during the day...yeah not so much.
I think PE was the best class by far today, our teacher's wife just had a baby i think? and thats why he isn't going to be there for two weeks, so were pretty much free to do whatever we want. How ever..this is how we spent our class...

Even though i completely HATE my smile, i thought this picture was rather cute. Jeeze, I've been using wierd words lately....

Anyways i watched this movie today called Henry Poole Is Here. It was extremely sad, but the ending was pretty good. But some parts i didn't get and had to have my mom explain them to me because i was reading my book Glass. I really like it, but its sad like the Crank, but i think Crank was more sad...well at the moment.

I should be doing my homework, but i don't feel like it. Im just stressing over stupid stuff i shouldn't be stressing over. Like my stupid Orthodontist appointment tomorrow, im getting spacers for my bottom braces, they waited like 4 years to put them on. Sucky. But maybe I'll go to the peach basket tomorrow, which is a basketball game against the two big high schools, Kelly Walsh and Natrona, Im for KW cause i go there. 

Also my random song of the day:

So I Fall Again- Phantom Planet 

EDIT: Woops, did the same song twice...SORRY!

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