Friday, February 27, 2009

Get on your knees if you wanna reach the top.

Ha, just got home from seeing Coraline, it was a really good movie. I bet it took a LONG time to make though. But have any of you heard that Tim Burton is making a new Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp is going to be the Mad Hatter? Ahh, im way excited for that one, but it comes out next year, bummer.

Anyhoe LONG day today, im just tired of all the 6th grade drama, i mean were in high school can you grow up just a little please? ha. I may sound like a bitch when i say that but its true, when it gets as stupid as "Oh I hate you now, you don't sit at my table, your talking shit." then you kinda have to be a bitch haha. Guys never have any drama and if they do, its like for one day, they will be best friends the next. Not fair at all.

My friend who turned her back on me invited me to go to state wrestling with her tomorrow, i told her no 'cause im getting stuff for my room, i mean its true. That and i really don't wanna hang with her so she can ditch me for a guy to make out and do other stuff with him. Its not fair i don't ever ditch here, but im over it. I need to stay away from people like that. 

Note to self: Try to pick better friends or stick with the few friends you have, they won't let you down. 
Now i just need to remember that. It might be hard but i can try. So once again my phone is broken, i don't know why i don't drop it, all i do is talk and text on it. Oh and take pictures sometimes. So i should HOPEFULLY be getting a new phone soon. Also my mom's best friend from high school and her daughter are coming to town during spring break so i have to hang with them all week not next week but the one after that. But i think it should be fun, i haven't seen them in over 10 years. 

Random song:

Sober- Pink

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today was good, but kinda confusing in a way. Math was good for like once in a life time, its so fun to annoy Andrew with one of your best friends, haha. Also im now a piece of paper because Sarah decided to draw flowers on the few freckles i have. So i was stuck with those and a drawn on watch all day on my arms ha.
Also i ran like 5 miles today in Art, yeah art. Which wasn't too bad because we were doing a scavenger hunt but i was stuck with none of my friends so i was with all guys, which two of them i could stand, but the other one was just getting on my nerves and told me to go to the wrong places so then i was in charge of the map, ha. 

But i need sleep, the past week i haven't gotten like any sleep, i don't know why. Im tired but can't sleep, and just to top that one off i have two test tomorrow. And one if over Romeo & Juliet. Which i HOPE will be easy. Okay i feel like all im talking about is I guess my life is lame? But thats okay. 

But i found out formal is May 2nd or something like that. Not sure if im looking forward to it. You see, i don't have a date yet. But i have my dress. I hope i get a date, but if i don't then oh well ill just go in a group of friends, which IF i do get a date we we will still be going with my friends and there dates if they have them. 

I don't think i finished my homework, grand. I need to study, shower, and sleep. My top priorities for the night. 

Random Song:

Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your just in time to witness my first breakdown.

"Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving."

When there is a bump in the road, don't stop the world because something happened. Live your life, you only live one. Have fun, live while you can. You never know you can be fine one day but the next you could be paralyzed. No matter what happens whether your friends are turning against you, you and someone got into a fight, just keep on living.

Speaking of friends turning against you, thats pretty much happening to one of my "best" friends. Now she won't even talk to me, and barley look at me, did i really screw up that bad? Because i couldn't go to a movie with you? Seriously, i wish people would just stop. And i realized that its better when i only have a few friends, the ones who never seem to let me down, yeah thats like 3 people? But thats okay. 

So i decided what i wanted to do with my room, light pink walls with black and white everything else. Does that sound good? I thought it would look kinda cute, i found a vintage black and white bed set that would look pretty. So yeahhh. :D

So i had to take a test in Social Studies today and i didn't know what i was doing so i asked Andrew about everything, haha. But the weird thing is that i guess i went to school with him like four years ago? Lol. 

You maybe here to bring me down, but watch I'll be standing at the top of the world in no time.

My Random song of the day:

The City is At War- Cobra Starship

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'll turn on a dime, spin me round.

"Everything will be alright in the end, if nothings alright then its not the end."

I think this one is pretty self explanatory, pretty much don't ever have doubt on anything because it WILL turn out fine, no matter what.

Im so tired of all the drama at school, its not even funny. Because one of my so called "Best Friend" just dropped me like that, i didn't even do anything to her. One day we were really close and all and then just a couple days ago she won't even talk to me, i don't understand what i did wrong? I know for a fact that she was mad at me like two weeks ago cause i made plans with Sarah (my bestest friend) before i made plans with her, but whatever i guess i have other friends. 
And obviously i copied her cause i said "Ha, wow your pathetic." On one of my bulletins? hahahahahah wow.

Anyways, i got like 5 hours of sleep last night, i was about to fall asleep in English today because Im not that interested in Romeo & Juliet, yeah noo. I haven't really had a good month at all, i just wanna move schools already, and it seems that one of my buttons on my laptop is broken. I just pressed it like 10 times today and it broke, woops. 

And my random song of the day:

Navigate Me- Cute Is What We Aim For

Sunday, February 22, 2009

And I'll pretend that everything is alright..

                          "Surround yourself with people who lift you higher."

Stay with the people who cares about you the most. The people who make you feel good about yourself. The negative people just lower your self-esteem, and make you feel worse about yourself. Try to stay away of people like that.

I've had a weird obsession with keeping my room clean the past week, i can't stand it when its messy. Maybe it because i get to re paint it and get a new bed and all on friday. 
My moms best friend from high school is coming into town and bringing her daughter, so i have to spend time with them when they come. I don't even remember who they are so it might be a little awkward...

Also i think i have a new favorite movie, Chicago. I just love it, its different. And it makes you wanna watch it over and over again. And I've been reading alot, i mean a lot. I stayed home on a friday night and just read, i guess imma nerd. But thats okay, nerds are awesome. :D Woohoo!! But the book Im reading is actually really good, Glass. Its sad of what drugs can do to you, that and alcohol. Everyone i talk to is like "Oh yeah i went to this awesome party last weekend, and got WASTED!!!" Whats the use of it anyways? It just leads to suicide, accidents, rape, and a bunch of other stuff when you drink underage. But whatever, its there life i guess.

Also my random song of the day is...:

The Way She Moves- Forever the Sickest Kids

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Learn to open your heart and give without expecting anything in return."
When you want the least you gain the most. Give to those you love, friends, family. Whether its giving your emotions, trust, or a gift. Don't want the whole world in your hands, chances are it wont turn out too well.

I feel very inspirational today. Maybe I'll start doing quote things like this every time i post. But i do LOVE this picture, its so creative. I mean who would think about making a picture like that? Its pretty much amazing.

Today was okay i guess. Cleaned out my closet and found a bunch of clothes that i thought i lost. Its pretty much grand. But for some reason me and Adriana wanted pancakes so bad, so our plan was too go out for lunch or whatever to get pancakes, but it seems that she had to babysit and i ended up sleeping till 12:30. So no pancakes for us. 

All i know is i defiantly don't wanna go to school tomorrow. I have to do a essay on a character from Romeo & Juliet and i have no idea what im doing. I think i wanna do it on one of the Cousins but i don't know.  I really am not looking forward to school this next quarter. With finals and everything.

But im tired of everyone thriving to be popular. I mean i really don't care if im popular or not, its not even a big deal, you just get more pressure in doing this you don't wanna do. Why would someone want that? But whatever do what you please, its your life. Go achieve what you wanna do with your life, if its to be popular than okay, go for it kid. Ha.

And my random song of the day:

Mona Lisa (When the World Comes Down)- All American Rejects.

Friday, February 20, 2009


About that last post, today really just turned around. I love my friends....well the ones who actually care, but i never knew how you could drift away but still be really good friends ha.

Well I thought tonight was going to suck cause im at home alone, but what wonders a phone and myspace can do haha.

Yeah, we have no lifes in this town.

hahahahahahahahahaha and isn't this picture like priceless? hyper.


Today, was horrible. I have been crying sense i've been out of school. I don't think thats a good thing. I don't know why this is happening. I didn't do anything to her, blahh. Oh and now im being called depressed and anorexic. Im not either one of those. I just haven't had a very good week. 

Anyways im glad its the weekend, even know i don't have any plans yet. I'll probably just watch movies all weekend, and good ones out?
My socks came in the mail today, there super cute. It looks like the shark is eating my leg. :D

So i decided i hate Wood Shop so much, i have no idea what im doing in that class, and i can never pay attention in it either. Its like i have ADD for the last block class of the day. Only on B-Days though, not on A-Days when i have art, i can pay attention in there...wierd.

And my random song of the day:

So I Fall Again- Phantom Planet.

ps sorry this post was kinda boring haha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Film the world before it happens.

Today was actually really good. For like once in a year, ha kidding. But it has been a while sense i have had a good day, i mean i had good nights but during the day...yeah not so much.
I think PE was the best class by far today, our teacher's wife just had a baby i think? and thats why he isn't going to be there for two weeks, so were pretty much free to do whatever we want. How ever..this is how we spent our class...

Even though i completely HATE my smile, i thought this picture was rather cute. Jeeze, I've been using wierd words lately....

Anyways i watched this movie today called Henry Poole Is Here. It was extremely sad, but the ending was pretty good. But some parts i didn't get and had to have my mom explain them to me because i was reading my book Glass. I really like it, but its sad like the Crank, but i think Crank was more sad...well at the moment.

I should be doing my homework, but i don't feel like it. Im just stressing over stupid stuff i shouldn't be stressing over. Like my stupid Orthodontist appointment tomorrow, im getting spacers for my bottom braces, they waited like 4 years to put them on. Sucky. But maybe I'll go to the peach basket tomorrow, which is a basketball game against the two big high schools, Kelly Walsh and Natrona, Im for KW cause i go there. 

Also my random song of the day:

So I Fall Again- Phantom Planet 

EDIT: Woops, did the same song twice...SORRY!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So i fired two warning shots into his head! :D

Ha i love Chicago. I wish it was on  more though, maybe I'll go out and buy it.

"He had it coming, he had it coming. He only has himself to blame."

You wear your heart on your sleeve while i threw mine to the sky,

Didn't go to school today, my dad made me stay home cause i was sick. But i got to sleep more and work on my Claymation for art. Its actually kinda cute and coming together nicely lol. I also found a song that would go great with it: Vegas- All Time Low. I've been listening to them lately for some wierd reason. 
Who has heard the new song for Coke? Brendon Urie from PATD sings in it, thats the only way i found out about it. But its a cute little song. I know Patrick Stump from FOB sings in it along with Travis McCoy from GCH but i have no clue who else sings in it. But the song makes me happy, listen to it on a bad day there is a possibility it will make you happy. :)
Im really digging Ellen Hopkins books for some reason, i usually don't read if i don't have to but her books are really good. Crank is one of them, its a true story about her daughter i think? Its kinda sad. But the good thing about today is that i felt a little better so i kinda picked up my room a little bit and found my signed Step Up 2 poster that my brother decided to hid a while back. So my dad wants me to frame that one.
Also i get to redo my room next month im excited cause i finally can put up all my stuff from my walls before, but i have one problem i have all these dance trophies, ribbons, and stuff like that i have no idea what to do with them cause i don't want a lot of things cluttering my walls, maybe shelves? I also need to know where to put all my seashells that i have gotten over the years, maybe i will just put those on shelves also, who knows.  

I need it to be spring, Im so tired of all the snow and cold weather. Also I feel sorry for all the people who have to make fun of others and make there lives hell just to make themselves feel better. How sad. Im tired of it, just because you don't like that person doesn't mean you can make fun of them because the person they thought they loved cheated on them. Once again how sad. No one deserves to be treated like that, NO ONE. 

And my random song of the day is..:

Heels Over Head- Boys Like Girls

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tempest in a tea cup, get unique.

So Dr.Phil is interesting today. He is calling this girl a slut because she wears dresses, mini skirts and tight clothes. But i wear skirts, shorts, and clothes that actually like fit me. But whatever i guess. And don't ask me why Im watching Dr.Phil, there is just nothing on lol.

I woke up this morning sick once again, its not fun. Well today there is a Secret Life marathon, I'll probably end up watching that, i missed like a episode about 3 weeks ago, and just stay in bed and do nothing all day. It sounds pretty good to me. But i have to study for my Wood Shop test tomorrow. haha. I hate that class, but its too late to switch so im stuck in it. Oh well. 
No dance today, i was kinda happy cause i didn't feel like going. Closed for presidents day, woohoo! But i still have to go in tomorrow, if im still sick i can just sit and watch if not i have to dance. Its definitely not fun being sick, im always sick around competition thats not so good. I always have like the cough attacks and i have to hold my breath so i don't cough when i dance. Its torture. 

Were supposed to get some snow tomorrow, i hope it doesn't happen. I hate snow, when it snows it never seems to stop. Bummer. But my grandpa wanted me to watch the Moscow Ballet Nutcracker from a few years back, i was a mouse lol. I really didn't wanna be one but sense i have long legs they wanted me to be a mouse. 

I just ordered some extremely cute tube socks, one pair looks like a shark and they make it look like its biting your legs and i got some peace sign ones. So so cute! I love online shopping, you get so much stuff you can't get at the mall. And plus you can shop in your pjs which makes it comfortable. Lol. Okay, i feel like im just talking about random stuff...

My random song of the day is...:

Newport Living- Cute Is What We Aim For

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We all need a good joke every now and then right?

Hahaha, so i just heard like the funniest joke like ever.

Okay here it goes....

What did the egg say to the boiling water?
It'll be a minute before i get hard, i just got laid by a chick.

Hahahahaha. I think that just made my LIFE!!


You can blame your problems on my world for so long.

Today was kinda disappointing. I woke up and I was super sick so there for i couldn't do anything but thats alright, what can beat a nice relaxing day at home? But the thing is that i had to run up and down my stairs about 25 times today cause my mom now can't walk because she broke her ankle in three places and our house has bunches of stairs so she can't go up and down them.
And then i found out something really disappointing, i can't believe he would do something like that, and the day after Valentines day? wow...but whatever.

Anyways so today while I was sick layed in bed with my fluffy kitty-cat :D and read one of my books, watched tv, and redid my myspace profile. I guess Im a nerd, but Im fine with it. haha. But if you get a chance read the book Crank. Its like so sad, i finished it today so i wanna go to the book store tomorrow and get the other ones cause its kinda addicting to read it. 

No school tomorrow,  im pretty excited. I am going to do completely nothing. And hopefully im not sick again. That wouldn't be too fun, but Secret Life is on tomorrow and its a new one. Im in love with that show, its just so sad but once you watch it once you keep watching it, once again addicting. :D

Okay and my random song of the day:

Take My Hand- The Cab

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ha, Valentines Day?

Is fricken stupid, no point in it like AT ALL. Its pretty much, "Oh let me go get my girlfriend something so i can get laid" Day. So i think Valentines day can like die. Who agrees? But whatever, i had a AWESOME day with my Best Friend, Sarah. Screw guys when i have my bestie to hang out with
So here is one of the HUNDREDs of pictures we took. ha. I hate my smile but Im in love with this picture, it think its one of my favorites. Also we saw Friday the 13th last night. Ooh was it scary. And before it started we turned to each other and like head butted. It was pretty funny, but i have a bump from it. And the guy who sat next to us was so so so funny! He was like "uh...What the hell, he grabbed a pan?" hahaha. But he told us he was glad we sat next to them cause we weren't creeps like everyone else in this town.

But instead of sending Valentines to the guys we like, we had a tea party (long story), watched the happening (STUPID movie, almost as stupid as Valentines Day), played wii fit, and pretty much had one of the funnest days and night ever. Oh also we made TONS and TONS of funny videos of us doing stupid crap. Its amazing. 

But here is my random song of the day:

Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet- Fall Out Boy 

I hope you all had a fan-fricken-tastic Valentines Day. haha, cause i know I did.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I got birds on my ears, and a devil on my shoulders.

I feel very creative today, like all day I have felt this way. Good thing today was a A block day at school, which means I had art. Thank god, because I hate wood-shop. All we do is sit there and draw lines all day.
But i feel pretty good because i ran 2 miles today in gym. I enjoyed it. Maybe when i get stressed i should run, i could get some other exercise other than dance. Speaking of dance, today we did cardio all day. But personally i think we should be getting ready for competition and practicing all of our dances and get them as perfect as we can. But i know there is no such thing as perfect.

So im pretty much tired of all of this high school drama going on, about the stupidest stuff in the world. I feel like im in 3rd grade again, but in 3rd grade drama was when someone stole your crayon. I wish i still had that kind of drama. Ha. I try to stay out of it but i just get pulled in again and again, maybe its just the friends i have. But who knows.? 

Also Im going to do my song of the day and it shall be:

Come one, come all- All Time Low


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bang Bang shoot them up YEAH!!!

Today was a way better day than yesterday, but i still feel like i have to impress everyone.
Uhm...wierd. Anyways in gym we have been doing workouts on like machines and i completely love it, well besides being all sweaty but thats alright cause its like the second to the last class of the day. But the running machine is my favorite, it gives you a great workout. 
But Im super sore because of it, and i have to dance in a about a hour once again, but i love dance so its alright. :D 
Were getting ready for competition and such, i hate getting ready for it but its worth it when your up there receiving your awards. I seem that I do better when I dance in Denver. Uhm...weird. But i still dance good here, least I think i do? 

Oh, also my formal dress came in today.

This is what it looks like. I think i like it lol. But Im super excited to go, but its in like a couple months lol. 

Well im going to start posting random songs that I like well here it goes.

Behind The Sea- Panic at the Disco

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 random facts.

Okeyy, so this comes from pure boredness, but all of them are facts.

1.When you use waterproof mascara it makes your eyelashes fall out.
2. Hair spray does not come out of your hair, EVER.
3. There is a hidden message on Fall Out Boys new CD, its somewhere on the case.
4. Criss Angel is a DOUCHE. :D
5. SocialVibe is one of the best websites, you can help a cause with out paying money.
6. I think we all should try and Reinvent Love. [:
7. All the stuff about Twilight is overrated.
8. Dance is a sport, and my passion.
9. Marlen Monroe wore a size 16 dress.
10. Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects is in the movie House Bunny.

That last one i didn't know till like Sunday when i watched again ha.
But these are my 10 facts for tonight haha.

Oh and sense it is a Tuesday and it starts with a T i am going to put a artist that starts with a T:
Taylor Swift- Love Story

Also a joke that i wanted to share: How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it. hahaha i thought it was pretty funny.

EDIT: Actually i wanna do Taylor Swift- You belong with Me.


Somedays I want to just cry
Somedays I want to drive and never look back. 
Somedays I just want to do my own thing, dance, draw, do whatever, and not care what anyone thinks. 
Today, yeah today is one of those days. One of those days that I want to do everything above, and don't care what a person says. 
I wish i could do that, for some reason I have cared a lot of what everyone thinks of me. If when i dance, its not good enough to please them. When I draw, get creative, I always think i have to impress everyone. And that i have to dress extra nice. I don't know what's wrong with me. All i have felt like doing is crying. And i know for a fact that i am not depressed. 
And now people are calling me anorexic because i don't eat lunch. 

But I really shouldn't care what people think about me but lately i have been caring.
Whatever, maybe its just a stage or something.

Anyways maybe i should talk crap on Criss Angel so he will levitate. haha. I found that kinda funny, but immature of him to say that stuff. 

Im so impatient, i want it to be friday. Im going to Friday the 13th with my best friend, Sarah. Then were just going to mess around downtown and all night Im pretty excited. Also I believe I am going to a Fall Out Boy concert in April with her, so im also excited about that. 
Thats all i have to say now, but i think later i want to do a 10 random facts about random stuff lol, it sounds pretty fun. 

P.s isn't that picture hot? haha. 

Monday, February 9, 2009


Was much of a better day than yesterday which is a great thing. 
It was boring but good. I didn't have to deal with anyone today and just had fun. But I hate how everyone calls me Taylor. Im Kaitlyn, nothing close to Taylor lol.
Why do they call me this you ask? I have no idea, i don't even look like a Taylor. But whatever.
But i was pretty bummed that Panic didn't win there Grammy last night. I think the Deluxe Addition of Pretty.Odd is amazing. I know i love mine. :D ha, im a total nerd but i love it.

Its nerdtastic. ha, like my new word? Yeah, Im just that good. ha. 
But when i woke up this morning it was raining. Weird. But it turned into snow and it stopped for now, its probably not going to stop later. Bummer. 

Also when I was sitting in Social Studies i think it was i heard the song Tainted Love and wanted to get up and start doing my Jazz Solo i did for Competition about a year back, it wasn't a bad dance. It was actually really cute and i had this red dress and it had a heart on it where the straps were. Well thats all for now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ha, i change my mind.

Today has not been great after the past hour. 
It surprises me of how people can just ruin your day just like that. I was having a FANTASTIC day until i got a little IM about how i "forget" and "don't care" about a certain person because i made plans with my BEST FRIEND 3 week ago. Sorry that because of YOU me and my best friend grew apart the past couple of months and i want to get close with her again.

Seriously? Its just a movie, there are more we can see out there. Just because YOU were the one mad at me because YOUR mom accusing MY dad he was "verbally abusing us" because he cussed once, ONCE. Which isn't even true, its natural to cuss, if your normal. And its not my fault my mom wanted to stand up for us because your mom, who judges us even know she doesn't know our family besides me, is feeding us LIES about OUR dad. 

Wow, ever sense you came into my life it has been hell. No joke. I loved life, i didn't care about what people said or thought about me i was happy about myself. Then you came along and made me self conscious because all guys "like" you, you go around flaunting everything you have, and you think your better at everything. Even dance. DANCE. I have been dancing for over 10 years now, i think Im pretty damn good at it. 

Thanks for giving me hell for the past 5-6 months, oh and don't even forget about everything I have done for you, I took you too a Panic At The Disco concert when My best friend was going to go but nooo, you had to go, even though you don't like them what the hell? Oh and not to mention that night after your "favorite band" Dashboard Confessional got off you were like oh yeah we should go like 3 or 4 songs till the concerts over cause the stand is going to be busy. You know how long i have been waiting to see Panic live?!!? A pretty damn long time and there my FAVORITE BAND i scream when i hear the word Panic, or even see them on tv. Just ask my mom the day we watched made and i saw Ryan and Jon come out and i screamed at the top of my lungs. Wow, thanks your sure a GREAT friend there. 

Whatever im done with this, well now i feel better that i spilt my feelings about that whole IM conversation we had. 

Oh p.s now i know why you can't keep a friend for more than a year.

Don't you just love sundays?

Today was just a calming day, I was just kinda free to do anything, ANYTHING and what did I choose to do? Clean my room.
Why? I have no idea, i hate cleaning. I just got up after doing my homework and cleaned my room and semi rearranged it. I have no idea whats wrong with me today, haha. 
But it was a relaxing day other than that.

But you know what bugs me like a lot? 
When people jude other people even if they don't know them, never talked to them, or even gave them the slightest chance. Its actually pretty sad and pathetic of that person to say such things to people. What has that person possibly done to make you hate them or even dislike them? Probaly nothing. I feel sorry for those type of people who hate to make themselves feel better, or to put a person down so they can get what they want. Im sorry but it will never work. Pretty sad huh?

Okay im done ranting for today, im going to go sew some pillows to make my room look pretty.
I love too sew. 
Yeah i know, i can be a nerd.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Now, i have hair trust issues.

So, i went to get my hair cut  i wanted to get it trimmed, re-layered, and shorter bangs....This is what i got.
I don't think i like it, not sure maybe i need to get used to it or something.
She cut so much off of it, it kinda made me mad. You see, im trying too grow my hair out for formal, which i ordered my dress today, it was getting semi long but now i have to work on growing it out again. But whatever. 
Its so short.


Well...Im new to this whole blogging this, so i guess ill just put some random facts about random things in my life.

Im Kaitlyn, i hate that name.
I have the bestest (is that a word?) friend in the world.
I hate where i live.
Dance is probably one of my true callings, its one of the few things im good at.
Creative people are the best people in the WHOLE world. :D
So are awesome people like me, ha kidding.
Music is my escape, i have one top favorite band.
Peanut butter is the best.
I miss Hawaii

Well thats all i have to say for now.