Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The paperboy?

Comes every morning at like 2:30....I don't think thats like normal for a paperboy to come by in his car at 2:30 in the morning. And to add on to that he like chucks it at our door so it sounds like someone is trying to break into our house, blahh scary dude.

Just another day came and passed, im glad. I NEED Spring Break. I can't wait to hang out with my Best Friend like all week, you know sense my bestest best friend is leaving me for California im stuck with her. ;] haha, just kidding. But we ordered my new bed today, it should be in like friday hopefully. im tired of sleeping downstairs because i can't move my bed in my room until were done with it and i get my new bed, and plus my dad needs to put in my new light, because it blew up? haha, so now i have to pick out my outfit with a flashlight. Im lucky haha.

Also i have to do a speech on whatever i want, but it has to be ten minutes. No less, no more. I was thinking about doing like Animal Testing for it but i have no clue. It needs to be interesting and be able to be talked about for ten minutes. Any good ideas? I need one, blahhh. I hate English, it sucks. We always have to write these things and i have no idea what im doing. Good thing im not in Advanced. That would suck even more.

Oh and today i almost cut of one of my fingers TWICE in wood shop. It sucked, then Nicole comes over and says "Oh you know what they say, third times a charm." It got me scared. ha. Maybe i shouldn't work with wood working machines 'cause its not my first time almost cutting a finger off ha.

Random song:

If I Had Eyes- Jack Johnson 

Mmmhmm. ;]

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