Thursday, March 19, 2009

So tell me, whats your story?

Wow, today has just been interesting. Everyone got a text saying "Do not go to any Walmart tonight, Gang initiation to shoot 3 women. Not sure which Walmart, but his has been confirmed on tv." Which at the time scared the living hell out of me. Later on the news they told us it was fake and not to worry about anything, after the news told us that it was real and to stay in our housed. Jeeze.

Lunch was pretty fun today, Me and Michela were giving Sarah a hard time cause she bought a lunch just for the fruit cup haha, we never have serious conversations, its grand. [: 
Ended up i didn't take a walk today, i was too scared to go outside haha. But then i relized that we don't have any "Gangsters" in Wyoming (i HATE it here, moving as soon as i can.) and if there are, it would be kinda funny. 

Movie night tomorrow, with on of the Best Friends. Excited, are there any good movies out on DVD? uhm...i guess i should just start thinking about that. Oh yes! And i got very far on working on my speech today. But i was totally thinking that like i can't get up in front of 20 kids and talk for ten minutes without stopping. Yeah, i can't do it. I'll get really nervous and start stuttering, which isn't a very good thing. And when i read my essays or whatever i always say "Uhm...." every 5 words, yeah presenting not my thing.

I need sleep, but i feel like i can't sleep. It sucks. I can never get enough sleep anymore, but yeah i know im jumping subjects really fast today but the tv show Secret Life Of A American Teenager is kinda happening at my school, but she didn't get pregnant at band camp. Its so sad, but im glad shes keeping it. Abortion isn't a very good thing to do, but thats just my opinion.

Okay i really need to go to sleep. Im going to attempt to so i can actually wake up and curl my hair cause i haven't done that in a while...

"I can't help it if i wanna kiss you in the rain, so.."


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  1. abortion>> i will keep my opinions out of it.

    dvd>>> hit the old films.... especially Death Becomes her.. or Requiem for a dream.... :)

    insomnia>>> tsk tsk.. cant help.. i am finding it hard too.

    and dont get scared .... i mean.... if its meant to happen, it will... no one can escape anything, i say. kida like Murphy's law.