Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ohh, man.

Took a three mile walk today, it was pretty fun. But it was freaking cold. Good thing i live in Wyoming eh? Ha i hate it here. Its always cold and stuff. But it can get pretty. The pictures above: 1. One of the roads i was walking on, i thought it looked kinda cool. 2. The mountains, i live like super close to them. 3. My dog, Scooter. I wish i had my real camera, my phone kinda takes shity pictures. Maybe next time I'll bring it, cause there was this one spot where it would be like a amazing picture. I'll go back tomorrow and take one.

Im making a Yellow Submarine out of clay, which i wanna make it look like the submarine from the movie "The Yellow Submarine" with the beatles, has anyone seen it? If you haven't go see it!! I might of mentioned that on another blog, but i don't feel like going through it all to see if I've said to go rent the yellow submarine. 

Im running out of things to say now and days, once again i have a boring life. Its better than going out and drinking every weekend and having sex. People these days. 
Summer better come fast, or ill die. (Not really). But we only have 10 and a half weeks of school left. Woohoo! You don't know how excited i am haha.

I have nothing else to say. When i think of something, ill be sure to write it down. ha. 

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