Sunday, March 22, 2009

Send for all your absent lovers things.

I've been doing homework sense 4:30 and its 10:18 with no break. I hate school. Oh and not to mention were picking the order of speeches tomorrow during english, and i hope im not first. I will die. I know for a fact that i can't do it in front of the class, i always feel stupid, dumb, and hated when i present stuff. There's no use of it.

I have no energy anymore, i feel like i can collapse at any minute. Oh well, maybe its because i don't get enough sleep, i need to work on that one. 

However, last night was pretty fun, i ran around outside till midnight doing nothing with my best friend. We had fun. Fun night never fail with her, shes the only one i can really talk to. 

Thats all i have for now. Well besides the fact that i need sleep but i have to work on english for another 5 hours. Joy. Oh that and i want to do something with my life. I better start thinking about that one. uhm...

Oh and that picture is a Wyoming sunset, probably the only think i like about it here that and the mountains. 

EDIT: Oh yeah does anyone have a Twitter? If you do, mine is

"Sometimes i just let the fear take the wheel and steer my life in the wrong direction" 

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  1. i do have a twitter.. but idont use it. i mean, the facebook status tool is as effective, anyways.