Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wake me up, i can't wake up.

I received my Pink Ball from SocialVibe not too long ago and decided to take a picture with it. Kind of a bad picture, but whatever. And for everyone who doesn't know what SocialVibe is its a website where you can join a Cause and get sponsored without even having to pay a dime. Whenever you log on and update your status and stuff like that you earn points and when you earn points you make money for that cause. And when you get to a certin amount of points you can get a pink ball. I like it a lot. Right now i am supporting To Write Love On Her Arms. and raised about 41,902 dollars already just for that cause. And when you get to 100% you move on to a different one. I like it alot. 

Anyways I redid my Blog, i don't think i like it but whatever. Do you guys like it? ha. I got extremely bored and tired of my old one, so i decided it was time for a change. Change is good sometimes...uhm. Well Good change is good..

I kinda feel like i have nothing to talk about anymore. Everything is just the same, i wake up, go to school (Well not this week or last week? whatever ha), and deal with the stupid drama. ha. I need to be more exciting but i did make some promises to myself because im not following my new years resolution uhm...haha. But my promises are:

-From now on im going to live my life 'cause who knows, i may never see tomorrow.
-Im going to smile no matter what happens.
-My life isn't going to stop for one little bump in the road, im going to keep going and just see what happens.
-I will learn how to play guitar this year.
-I have goals, i WILL achieve them, and no one can stop me.
-I am going to do the impossible, cause guess what? Nothing is impossible. 

So my Artist list of what i have been listening too contains: Panic at the Disco, Phantom Planet, Cute is What We Aim For, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, Fall Out Boy, and Evanesance. The only artist i have been listening too lately. Its kinda weird. But i like it so its a-okay with me. Ha wow, im a total nerd, but thats alright i have to live with it. ha.

Also does anyone have a clue what "PPP" might mean? I have been pondering that all day and i still am, so if anyone knows just like tell me ha. But i don't think anyone knows but a certin four people. Gahh. Its 3:18 in the morning, i need sleep. Shopping tomorrow. Pretty excited. Woohoo for me! ha.

Also this:

"Forget the risk, take the fall. If its what you want, its worth it all."

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  1. (i was just viewing blog randomly)
    anyway,nice to meet u!
    your blog is soooo cool:)
    i love it:)