Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you remember when we were friends all the way back then?

Two days in a row i get called Scene. Why did everyone call me scene? I have no idea. Just because i wore a scarf yesterday doesn't mean Im scene. So do i have multi colored hair? No, its blonde. Do i tease it and puff it HUGE? No, just because i have natural curly hair doesn't mean i puff it out, and most of the time i have it straight. Sorry for the Rant.

Yesterday we didn't have to go to school till 10. It was nice, i watched Elmo's world before school ha. Yep thats how cool i am. And i was going to go to The Haunting of Connecticut tonight but my mom said no, and my friend got pissed at me. Whatever. Im so over all the stupid drama its no even funny. It seems i can only trust like 3 people in my life. The other people who i can't trust are just kinda there, it doesn't mean i don't care about them. I do. Its just i have trust issues cause of curtain things happen...

Going to workout tomorrow morning, im excited. I don't feel like im active enough even though i do dance like 5 times a week. So i think before school im going to go workout. It sounds pretty good too me. Also i still don't have a date to formal. Oh well I'll live. Im going with Sarah. (My bestie). Were going to have lots of fun. And during the slow dance we can go to the bathroom or something. Its not even a big deal. 

Im tired, i woke up at 7:07 this morning with 10 minutes to get ready. I didn't look too bad today, i actually got quite a few compliments. Oh and did i mention it snowed again? Yeah, after we had the HUGE blizzard we get one day of sunshine which was freezing and another blizzard but wasn't too bad. No snow day, just going in late. Which is fine with me. 9 weeks of school left, and im done there. New school! With more people i can meet. I love meeting new people its always so fun. But then i can try and avoid drama next year if i pick the right friends. 
Thats all i got for today, im running out of things to say. Cool Kaitlyn. 

"Maybe someday I'll find someone who actually treats me right"

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