Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today went by extremely fast, i don't want it too though. Spring Break is going by too fast, i just realized that i haven't even done that much. I guess my life is just really boring. Everyone is like "Oh yeah tomorrow? Party, party, PARTY!!" i don't really care about drinking or smoking, who does it benefit? Yeah you get drunk and you have fun but your not really smart when your drunk and you wake up with a major hangover the next day. Can't you just wait like 6 years to drink legally? Plus you do stupid stuff that you usually don't remember and you can't go back and change it and everyone is like "I really shouldn't of done that, ughh i hate my life! Im living in hell!!" Well its your fault for drinking, not mine thanks. [:

Anywhoooo i need summer to come fast. Im going to California for like two weeks, woohoo! I can get out of this town for just a little bit! I really want to go to Monterey so i can go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I heard its the biggest in the United States. Yeah i know, people usally only little kids enjoy Aquariums and Zoos but i like them a lot. More Aquariums then Zoos cause i wanna be a Marnie Bioligest haha. 

Not looking forward to tomorrow, don't wanna go swimming or see anyone just wanna stay in bed! Blah. I guess im lazy too. ha. Once again i guess my life is extremely boring. Nothing really exciting happens, like Zak was all "What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this year?" And i ended up saying "Well...i really don't know, i guess nothing." And then it clicked, i have a boring life. The most exciting thing that happened to me was the Panic concert i went to in October, and Meeting Plain White Ts... Yeah i don't like to go drink, sneak out, get in fights and such. Id rather stay home, have friends over and just have fun knowing that we don't need beer to have fun, listen to music and dance around my room, ATTEMT to play my guitar, having long conversations on the phone, and color. The simple things in life is what makes me happy.

Wow, most of this blog was about how boring my life is. Sorry about that. Maybe i should start talking about random worthless things like....How this random guy on myspace won't leave me alone hahahaha. I even blocked him....

Oh!! I was just on Myspace and on the ADs it was like Criss Angel Quiz? Take it! and under it was like Panic at the Disco! Take the quiz now! How ironic?...Criss Angel..PATD. Wierd...Okay i need sleep, and i need to think about some things...

But for now Random song time!!

Five Minutes Till Midnight- Boys like Girls
Newport Living- Cute is what We Aim For
The Tide- The Spill Canvas
Everything is Alright- Motion City Soundtrack
California- Metro Station



  1. Doesn't Atlanta have the biggest aquarium?


  2. Oh really? Idk, i heard that Monterey was but i can be wrong, and i probally am haha.