Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lies are lies, hard not to believe...

I feel like i have to please everyone in this world, i never can please myself. Whenever i do something that i enjoy people get all pissy and hate me, But when it seems that i do something they like they seem a-okay with there lives,
Whats wrong with everyone lately? Is it me? Or is it just everyone?

I can never seem to please anyone lately. Not even myself. 
Im not depressed, I just act depressed sometimes because sometimes thats how i feel. Maybe i should just hid all my emotions and pretend everything is alright. 

I really should be doing homework, tomorrow is end of quarter. But no, im on here writing this. Which i would rather do in the first place. Everyone is bipolar these days, even my teachers. My math grade went to a A to a F from missing one thing, which wasn't even that many points. 

All i do is feel like crying right now, no one listens to me. Except my best friend, who is going out of town for two weeks so idk what ill do without her. Also i just love how everyone is like "oh yeah im here for you, whenever you wanna talk just come here and i'll listen."
Yeah, stop feeding me lies thank you.

Sorry for the rant, i need to do my math, to get my damn grade up. Joy.

"Im learning to fall and i can hardly breath."


  1. Hi, you started following my blog, but I just thought I'd let you know that I had to start a new one as my old email was not working when I attempted to sign-in.

  2. teenage angst. :) trust me, been there, done that. and have emerged Victorious.