Monday, March 16, 2009

Im leaving on a jet plane, don't know when ill be back again..

Yeah this is one of the old pictures of me from the begging of the year, i used to cover my eye up with my bangs, but i like this picture. Me and Kelsey in Math.

I thought today was never going to end! It was probably the longest day of my life. I only got like 2 or 3 hours of sleep last night so i was super super tired. I've been like slacking off the past couple days, but i think everyone has. Spring Break was nice while it lasted, but it was our last real break for 11 weeks. Then its summer! Woohoo! Im so excited to go to a bigger school with more people, and i can meet tons of new people. I love meeting people, it makes my day. Even if were not like real good friends and we just say "Hey, whats up?" in the hallways or on myspace or whatever im fine with that ha.

I finished my Claymation today in art, and i feel like i need to share it haha, so here it is.

I don't think i like it but whatever. I think its stupid and worthless. But at least i get a grade on it. It was real hard to do, like the ball floating and all. But now i have to do another one cause my art teacher was being stupid, blahhhh. So im going to do like a yellow submarine type thing like the movie with the Beatles in it called the Yellow Submarine. Have you seen it? If you haven't i recommend you see it, i love that movie. I would say its rather cute. [:

But it amazes me how slutty girls have gotten over the years. All i heard today was "Oh yeah i had sex with so and so 5 times this break." From like 7 girls! Wow, kinda whoreish... Its kinda sad in a way that thats all they do now and days are drink and have sex. But not me, im cool and hang out at the mall, go bowling, go to peoples houses, and stay home. Drinking? Not my thing. It just leads to worse things. But i guess you can do whatever you please. Just don't bring me in your little drinking drama. ha.

Oh yes and another video oh some of the guys in my PE class, that really wasn't there song we were just looking up songs for our dance and we recorded this and jessie sticks her head in once in a while haha, ENJOY! its actually really funny.