Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maybe were just trying to hard.

Wow, sorry about not posting for forever, i've been busy with Finals. And when im not i forget. I have the worst memory in the world. In about two days, when summer starts, I'll start posting more. I promise. Well..unless im on vacation or something without internet.

Like i said summer is in 1.5 days well for me anyways. I have no plans for this summer. Well besides going to Nebraska (I think, as far as i know.) but i really wanna go to California or Flordia. We might go to Flordia 'cause my Step Brother lives there and i haven't seen him for a while. And i really want to swim with Sharks. I know, most people are scared of them but im not. Did you know that more people die from vending machines then shark attacks? I found that sorta funny. Thanks to Logan i now know that.

Its already 8:30. Oh how time goes by so fast. Sometimes i just hate it. Today just went by way fast. I woke up, ate Pop Tarts, took a shower, got ready, went to the mall, shopped, went home, did laundry, planned for Tuesday, and now i've been working on writing this for about 20 minutes. I get distracted so easy. Mostly by Twitter, or NDP. Or something else happening in my house.
But now i have to hang my clothes up, figure out what to wear tomorrow, and sleep. sound like a pretty good plan to me. Oh and i got my Chinchilla (i really can't spell that), who's name is Nikko, a new wheel and he enjoys chewing on it, but he does run on it. Sorry about the random thing about Nikko, no one really cares haha.
"Each day is a gift and not a given right."
P.S I love living by the mountains, there so pretty. I took that picture when i had to walk home from school. And suprisingly its a good picture from being from a phone.

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