Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer '09

So far:
Lets see where shall i start? Oh! Alright so i woke up Tuesday (first day of summer) and went to the store for my camp over (i guess you could say...) and came home got ready for it.
Sarah and Siara came over, we had a blast! One of the funnest days of my life. Well...
Untill like 8:45 9:00ish? Ginger (my mom's dog) was barking at Nikko's (chinchilla) cage, so we looked and see what she was barking at right?
Well Nikko was laying on his side breathing REALLY hard, so i freaked out and yelled for my mom to come up stairs and i took him out. Well he felt really cold so we took a heating pad and rapped it around him, while he was getting warm we took him down stairs with us and watched the Rocker. In the middle of the movie he started to twitch 'cause he was trying to stay alive. And right on the dot at 10:00 he stopped breathing. He died.
One of the saddest/funnest day of my life. We don't know why he died, he was only 6 or 7 years old and there supposed to live till there 20.. I woke up and my eyes were all red and swollen.
These two days have been pretty depressing and rainy. First day of summer it rains! Dang weather.
I just hope this summer will be better soon, my dad told me were going down to Denver in a couple weeks to look at a Chinchilla Breeder, he wants me to get a new one. Just so i get happer, 'cause he was my first pet to actually stay alive for more than a month! Ha!.
After that depressing story (Sorry about being depressing!! and sorry for having so many of these: ().) we didn't get to camp, so we had to go inside and do smores. There not as good in the microwave. Who knew? Well i guess i do now.
But summer, will you please get better for me? Just a litte?

R.I.P Nikko.

P.S I miss not being able to see you run on your wheel when i look up from the computer. ha,

P.P.S Maybe im making a big deal out of this, i hope not...

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