Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keep it simple now.

Okay, okay i lied. I didn't post EVERYDAY but i will post probably not like everyday but i will haha. But anyways nothing really exciting has been happening in my life. 

But i did go to my new school yesterday, the whole 9th grade at my school is moving and most of us went to KW. And so we have classes and there called TROY classes and its one day a week and we just sit there and talk basically. And its alphabetical order and i have no friends in my class. I know a total of two people in that class; Tyson and Tyler. And i don't even talk to them, great ha. But there is this one kid and he has a mustache and greasy hair. He kinda creeped me out.  So i guess i have to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends. I mean i can be REALLY shy at first, like i wont talk or anything. But once i get to know someone i get to not become shy. And sometimes im not shy at all. I can't wait till im done with High School. 

This picture above was probably one of the funnest nights ever. Who really knew running down my street singing "Paper Planes" and kicking rocks could be so fun? It was creepy though, cause it was like 10 at night and weird things kept happening, like this one guy on a bike not a motercycle a bike, had this weird light thing that blinked and we thought it was a alien so i hid in the back of my dad's truck while Sarah kid behind the trash can. Then this red jeep passed by over 5 times on my street, i mean i don't live in a creepy area. Its probably one of the safest areas in town, but it was freaky. Lots of fun things happened that night...

I have to read for English. To Kill A Mocking Bird. Its alright i guess, i can't get into it. Sp im not interested in it. But once im done with this book i have 9 more books to read then i can start a new list. I guess im a nerd but thats okay. I like to read, so what. Books rule your world.

Sleep sounds good now, good thing its almost Friday.

P.S I got a new phone, i love it.

"You can't be missed if you were never gone..."

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