Sunday, May 17, 2009

One, 21 Gun.

Still no laptop, i think its broken for good. But whatever i guess.... I have some money saved up, so ill invest that in a new laptop. Sounds like a good plan for me. But now, i have to save up money for Blink 182/Panic at the Disco/Fall Out Boy concert this summer. Which i'll be on my way to Ohio for, but im going to one in one of the states were travleing through. The only good thing about that trip...

I got Green Day's CD this weekend, im in love with it. They were amazing on SNL last night. Kinda wanna see them in concert too. Maybe im not sure, i'll have to travel to Denver 'cause i like in nowhere land where no one come too.

10 Days of school, now im really counting. I can't wait till summer is here, i'll be free to do what i want, well almost. But then i have to deal with all this "you wanna party tonight?" crap. People already know my answer, its no. I guess imma "Goody Good" but thats fine with me, id rather have fun and actually remember what i did and i can control myself while doing so.

Thats all i have for now. Oh and today? I ran around my back yard taking pictures of trees and such, the picture above is one. I found out that being by myself is one of the greatest things ever. Call it weird but, thats what i think.

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