Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wake me up when September ends.

s amazing how some people can change just like that. These pictures were from the middle of the year, when everything was going great. Then both of them got into the whole drinking stuff. At first i was all "Okay, i can still be friends with them untill they pressure me into drinking which hopefully will NOT happe
n." Things went good for a while then they just became different people who i didn't know, they went out and drank, had sex. I drew the line there. 
People aren't supposed to be having sex at 14-15 or drinking, or smoking. These things just disgust me right now. I promised myself that i will not get like them, or do any of these things until i can. Its just disappointing.

Last night i went to a surprise birthday party. It was okay i guess. I had a little bit of fun but not a whole lot, we pretty much sat there and did nothing. I left after one of my good friends did. I was bored ha. I had more fun laying in bed watching movies with Phoebe (who is my cat btw;). Ever sense we got a new puppy my mom doesn't really pay attention to phoebe 'cause Ginger will attack her, no fun. So she follows me everywhe
re and sleeps with me. I now get more company. 

Everyone's birthdays were today, Mothers Day. My mom's
 best friends, Jordan, and Sarah's sisters. Well i guess its not EVERYONES but a lot of people's. Today was a relaxing day, kinda.... My dad made me clean out the garage with him, i didn't. I got distracted trying to skateboard until i fell on my face, so i played with the chalk. Yea, i still like to play with chalk, so what? Everyone has a little kid still in them.
 There's nothing wrong with that. That little kid in us is what makes us live our lives more full out then if everything was strictly business. That little kid is the one who says "I dare you too, NO! I double dog dare you!!" to your friends. Its that little kid in all of us that makes things fun. I could be wrong, whatever. Thats what i think.

So it seems that whenever i get mad or stressed inste
ad of being like a lot of people and get all mean and yell at everyone, i take a walk. By myself. I have no problem with doing so, it gives me time to cool off and think about everything. Plus i get exercise. Win win situation there.
 "Don't waste your life trying to get back what was taken away."


  1. I totally know how you feel about friends getting into the drinking scene. It isn't cool at all, and it sucks to lose friends because of that. And the same thing goes with the sex and smoking thing. I know a lot of people who do drugs and have sex, and it seriously revolts me.

    And chilling with cats and taking walks is always the best solution to being angry. I really wish I had some chalk and a sidewalk right now, though. I could draw out my anger!

  2. Im so glad that someone agrees with me! Everyone is all "Oh come on its not bad!" But there going to think its bad when they get lung cancer, get pregnant in a year, or have a liver failure you know? Its not smart. I know people who started doing that stuff in 6th grade. I try to avoid people like that.

    And i love chilling with my cat haha. Well until she gets mad and bites my toes... Then i just have to hide them. And i've never tried to draw out anger i'll try it sometime!

  3. Yeah! They don't think any of that stuff is going to get you in trouble, but there's more risks than benefits, so there's no way I'm going to go near any of that stuff. And same. People just don't understand that by doing that stuff, they're not cool at all.

    My cat always bites my elbows or my nose! I just have to hide my face from here or something. Definitely try it! I always just make angry looking stick figures.

  4. Exactly, there really isn't use of any of those things. They just do it to have fun i guess. But you can have fun without getting drunk or anything. Its just plan stupid. And its sad when people can only have fun together getting drunk, they don't just enjoy the company of each other. Im just tired of it all.

    My cat always trys to sleep on my face at night! And when im sleeping and she wants attention she'll like get under my blanket and bite my toes and my fingers And i will once i get mad again! It sounds like it helps..