Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sorry no picture today. My laptop broke, and it has ALL my pictures on it and on this computer i only have really extremely old pictures from beggining of summer last year. So you probably don't wanna see that ha.

Like i said my computer broke today. It wont even turn on. I have the worst luck in the world, no joke. I almost killed myself in wood shop a couple days ago. It pretty much sucked. So im going to take my computer in to the tech lady at school, i hope she knows whats wrong with it.

Can't wait till summer. 13 and a half more days left. Thank god!!! Anybody have any plans for this summer? Im going to Ohio. Not really looking forward too it. But i get to see my brother that i haven't seen for like 11 years. I think he hates me, but whatever. And i want to go to tons of concerts, im saving my money up. I really wished i could of see Cobra Starship but i couldn't go, school day. But i got to skip school for Panic? Weird but i like panic better ha. Maybe Cobra will go on tour again after this one cause of their new album.

Speaking of new albums, lots are coming out this year. Green day (On friday!!!), Cobra Starship, Panic at the Disco, Black Eyed Peas, Incubus, and tons more i can't remember at the time haha. Anybody excited for any albums? I am three of the 5 i named. ha.

Well i need to take a shower and get sleep. I couldn't sleep lastnight, it sucked.


  1. Green Day and Cobra Starship.
    (already ordered the records)


  2. Oh yeah!
    super excited for albums and summer,
    this is my last week of school before i'm a senior.

    concert season here we come!

  3. Sam- You already ordered Cobra's? lol.

    Michelle- Ah, you only have like a year of school left? Your lucky, i have three..