Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today is the day..

Starting today im going to start living my life. Starting today im not going to let anyone get to me. Starting today im going to not let fear get in the way of anything. Starting today im going to do things for me and trying not to make everyone in my life happy. Starting today im going to live with no regrets.

I've let people walk all over me for too long. Take advantage of me. Im stopping that today. Im going to speak my mind and what i think. I don't care if it pleases anybody as long as i feel good about myself then Im happy. Im not trying to be selfish, i just haven't done anything good for myself and i just try to make everyone else happy and seemed that i forgot about myself. 

This is my promise to myself. Im not going to break it. This is something that will happen everyday for the rest of my life...

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