Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stop making plans, start making sense.

This is my car. A '61 Chevey Biscayne. My first car. Im super excited, but i don't get it until November or December. But i can't drive 'till December. 8 more months. haha. We just have to put a down payment (i guess thats what its called.) and its mine. Which i am doing after school tomorrow. 

Anyways other than my car Im freaking out about formal. I really shouldn't be but i am. My dress still hasn't came back in again after a month, i don't have shoes, if my dress doesn't come by Thursday i have to get another one here in town which really sucks. And i don't know how to tell someone that i don't wanna be in her group for formal. Its just so hard. No fun at all.

Last night was super fun, i went to this thing called the 'Sweet water' it was hilarious. But it started to snow as usual. And it ruined my life haha. Kidding. But i hate snow, stupid Wyoming. It sucks here, never come. Seriously. But then when me and Adri woke up at like 5 in the morning at her sisters house the light in the next room was on and her pillow was gone and we were the only one's home. It was freaky. But really funny. 

Okay im running out of things to say. 

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