Sunday, April 5, 2009

Take a chance.

I've been super busy the past couple of days. I have no life anymore. Between trying to finish my Speech (not even CLOSE to being done with, reading my outside book (but i read alot so its not that bad), and trying to get enough exercise cause with dance apparently im not. Even know i dance my butt of every day wow. That is the reason im not posting as much as i used too. So sorry. But i did go and see Adventureland. I thought it was cheesy. I didn't like it. I mean there was some funny parts but other than that i didn't like it...

I need sleep i don't get enough anymore, but i only have 6 weeks of school left so its okay! haha. 6 more weeks and drama is all done. Im so tired of girls. I would rather hang out with guys, which is actually really fun. They don't worry about what people think of them or who's dating who. Its great haha. 

Im really liking the White Tie Affair lately. There pretty good. At first i hated them but now im starting to like them a lot. I guess thats what happened with my favorite band now... haha. Speaking of music, i've been listening to The Beatles all day. Who can't beat the oldies eh? Ahh the classics. There amazing. [:

Thats all i got for now...

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