Sunday, April 12, 2009

Imagine THAT.

I haven't posted in a while. I just can't figure out what to say anymore. I live a boring life ha. Just tons of drama lately. Its stupid. Summer can't come fast enough. Well besides the fact that in July my Grandma who HATES me (like seriously she loves my brother but hates the living guts out of me, don't ask why. I have no idea) is coming down with my Grandpa. Which im not looking forward too. For like a week then we have to go to South Dakota with them. So i can only go to the fair for like two days then miss the rest. COOL. But i did get a A on my speech. I was so nervous to present it. But obviously i said "Um" too much. But oh well. I felt like a idiot after i was done. 

Anyways this weekend sucked. Well i guess Friday was pretty good. Played RockBand all night. It was grand. I tried to sing "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World. It worked out mighty fine...i think. ha. Meagan did better than i did. She sung "Beat It." it was funny ha. We woke up her parents like 5 times. But i guess when you rock out you can't really contain yourself. haha. 

Oh yeah btw; HAPPY EASTER! woopp. My easter was pretty swell. The "Easter Bunny" got me 5 books (yeahh i know, imma nerd. I read.), tons of candy, and a new cell phone (that i will get later this week.). haha. How was everyones easter? and did the easter bunny bring you anything? lol.

P.s Happy Birthday Brendon!!! :D It seems you had a nifty birthday today. 

P.p.s My new favorite words are: Nifty, swell, yonder, grand. 

EDIT: I changed the name of my blog, do you like this name or the other onee?

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