Thursday, April 2, 2009

Im not complaining that its raining.

This week has just been crazy. By crazy i mean; Drama filled. It seems that it never stops, that people do it for enjoyment or just to watch the other person fall and fail. Then laugh about it. Im tired of it all; all the crap talking, all the mocking, all the making fun of everyone, EVERYTHING! 

Everyone just needs to look in the mirror and say "What am i doing? Am i really happy of what i've become?" Im not sure if that made sense but it did to me. I just wish everyone would actually find out who they really are and what it feels like to be made fun of or get mocked. And i know for a fact that High School is worse than Junior High was. In junior high it was "Oh you have the same shirt as me i wanna beat you up!" and now its on for about anything and everything. Thats all im going to say with this rant, i can go on and on but i don't want to.

Anyways formal is in exactly one month...Still no date. I think me and Sarah decided we were just going to go together instead of dates. Its going to be more fun. Also i don't have to slow dance, thank god. In other news my science teacher hit me with a marshmallow today. Through a marshmallow gun, it made a bruise. It doesn't sound like it was too bad but you could hear it from all the way across the room, it hurt. Im super tired, i need sleep. But i also need to work on my speech, but i have a week to do that so i'll do it this weekend or something. But not wait till last minute, i've done that its no fun. Thats all i have for now...

Sometimes i just want to escape from reality, but the truth is that i know i can't...


  1. ah, ignore people
    school's over in a few months anyway