Saturday, April 25, 2009

Go on.

Sorry, i said i promised i would post like yesterday i think? But i kinda forgot...Sorry 'bout that one kids. 

Well i found a car that i want, and we just have to put some money on it next week and its mine. Its a '61 Chevey Biscayne (I think thats how you spell it..) Well its light blue with blue seats and stuff, its real cute. haha. Even though i can't really drive 'till December my mom still wants too get it for me. Im helping pay for some of it, but only 1,000. 'Cause thats all i have saved up for a car..I'll post a picture when i see it next. I wont get it for a while though, its getting fixed.

Yesterday i went to the mall to find a pair of shoes for formal, i had some luck but didn't get any yet. 'Cause my dress hasn't came back in yet, we sent it in too get a smaller size and it sill hasn't came so if it doesn't come by Thursday i have to get another dress. Great. Thats all i need right now, im so stressed out. About everything. I need to just stop for a second and tell myself that everything is going to be alright. But formal is next saturday. thats just granddd.

I miss the Bahamas, how it was sooo warm. I went there for a week last year, i wanna go back! Im tired of the cold, it snowed again last night. It was like in the 80's then went down to 40 and snowy. Bummer, but it should melt today hopefully. So heres a picture that i took when i was on a boat, just to remind myself how wonderful that week was hahaha. 

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