Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is a story of a girl.

Summer life has been a drag. I wake up, get ready, babysit, go home, check e-mail, read. Exciting right? Gah, i wish. And with babysitting i am getting ripped off. Working 7-6 five days a week, two kids for $50 a week. Last week i worked 63 1/2 hours and got paid $50. Thats like, less than a dollar a hour. I haven't hung out with friends 'till the last day of school. But i guess thats no big of a deal, well it is but after dealing with two kids for 9 hours NO THANKS!

Everyone's been acting weird lately. Everyone i talked to this week haven't been happy, they have no emotion when i talk to them. I wonder whats up with that? I always try and stay in a positive mood no matter what but it seems im having a little trouble with that. I always say im going to stay positive or im not going to let anyone get me down, but i just can't stick with that. For some reason its hard for me, i can never stick to what i say.

For the bright side of things i think im getting a new chinchilla next week. That means no babysitting on Friday! Yayyy! ha, but i think i might quit. I feel bad, but for once i need to do something for me. Im so stressed that i don't even wanna do anything anymore, hence all i really do is read. Which isn't a bad thing, i like to read. Speaking of reading i finished 'Impulse' this week, my FAVORITE book so far. Anyways also im getting ripped off. And now that im getting a new pet i need to take wayyyy better care of him. So then i can stay home, take care of my animal, make sure the house looks okay (My mom is offering to pay me more than 50 a week to take care of the house!), and then i can have my summer back. That sounds appealing.

Thats all for today, i need a shower and sleep. After babysitting going to see Year One hopfully! Excited for that one.

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