Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I guess life is full of disapointment for me. Almost everyone i know has been going out every night, drinking, getting high, and having sex. Disapointment right there. It seems when ever i get my hopes up i turn around and there's disapointment. Maybe i shouldn't get my hopes up anymore then i won't deal with as much disapointment. Eh, probably wont even work.

Today was my last day babysitting. Victory! But i didn't get paid, the guy told me if i wait 'till Tuesday to get paid he would pay me for Monday and Tuesday even though i don't have to work. Stellar. That means on Tuesday i can go buy a week (two week i guess sense now its two weeks long) pass to the fair. Better take advantage of the fair when we have it huh?

Tomorrow i get my new chinchilla. Yay! Not sure what to name him yet, i have a few names in mind. And they are: Oliver, Chester, Sammy, Ringo, Winslow, and i forgot the other one's. Woops. What sounds good to you? I like Chester or Oliver. But who knows what im going to name him.

Depressing week this week i must say. Three people died. But the only person who i knew who he actually was is Michael Jackson. Thats so sad that he died like that. Out of know where, bam! he died. And what really shocked me was that the Media actually posted pictures of him dead. Of corse i didn't look at them. Some sick people are out there huh? It sickens me.

I saw Year One last night, with my mom 'cause everyone was outta town. I liked it a lot. But then again Michael Cera is my favorite actor in the world. My mom obviously like it, she laughed through the whole thing which was kinda emberssing (spelling ha, i don't feel like changing it so SORRY!), everyone kept stairing like its a crime to laugh at a movie.

Thats all i got for now. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, you will NEVER be forgotten.

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