Thursday, June 4, 2009

I would lie.

Summer is already better. I don't know how, or why it just is. I got some good new:

1. Im going to Blink 182/Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco for sure.

2. While im down in Nebraska for that concert im getting a chinchilla. Stellar.

And for some odd reason I've been saying 'Stellar' a lot lately. I wonder why... I've never really said it before it just happend out of know where, but i guess having different "Sayings" (you could say) every once in a while wont hurt eh?

On the last day of school my P.E teacher drove up in this little red car thing. He looked like a elf, a overly large elf. I guess im going to miss this school, but next year ill be on better adventures, bigger schools, more people, older people, and probably getting lost. I actually get to go to a REAL high school. But right now its summer and i shouldn't be worrying about school. Thats in like mmm 3 months?

I need to start going outside and try to get tan. 'Cause 1.) I have a weird tan line 2.) Im extremely white. But the keyword here is try. I can't get tan if my life depended on it. Well i did get really tan when i went on my cruse for dance. But that was like 1-2 years ago. Oh how time goes by. Its crazy how fast time goes, when i think about it I only have 3 more years of living here then im on my own. Scary.

I guess theres not a lot going on in my life right now. Well and its only the third day of summer and i really haven't done much. And the sad thing is Sarah is leaving for this whole month and wont see her till the 1st of July. Why dose her life have to revolve around her brother? It kinda sucks, but whatever i guess i can't do anything about it.

Btw; i love this video. yea, okay i like Taylor Swift.
P.S I need to do something to my blog, its getting sorta boring.

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