Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It doesn't feel like summer at all. Waking up at 7, babysitting till 4 go home, do nothing (well not YET), and watch the rain. We haven't had one day this summer that it hasn't rained. Its usally really nice outside. But i guess not this year huh?

But im glad my brother is a lifegard this summer. Why? 'Cause i get to be around lifegards all day. [: haha. And well...there not too bad looking either. And then again i get into the pool for free now. Thanks for working at a pool! Oh the advantages of having a older sibling.

But tomorrow i have to get up way more earlyer then i usally do. I have to go get my braces tightened. I hate that time of month. Last time i went in they put spacers in my teeth and decided i didn't need them till July and yanked them out. And they also took my chain off (those of you who have had braces or have braces know what a chain is, but some who haven't might, who knows?) and i have two new spaces in my teeth 'cause there was a space in the back of my mouth and it just spaced it out. I think that made sense.

I had enough energy to re-do my blog. Im thinking i like it but im totally not sure yet. Black, white, and red go together well. But on my blog it looks kinda creepy, well maybe not. I sure don't know.

Last night i decided to take a listen to the band The Friday Night Boys. There pretty good, better than i expected. My favorite song from them is Stuttering. Also All Time Low's song Weightless is pretty good. I decided to take a listen of that too. Not a let down from that song, hope there CD is going to be that good. I think this year is going to be a good year for music. Green Day's CD turned out good, Cobra Starship is probably going to be good (from what i've heard already AND there working on the video for 'Good Girls Go Bad', All Time Low should be good, Panic at the Disco well...we don't know yet (working on demo's right now, but from what Pete Wentz have said it should be pretty good). And tons of more CD's but i just don't feel like typing them all. Yea, i guess im sorta lazy but who cares? Its summer!
"Maybe its not my weekend, but its going to be my year."

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