Sunday, June 7, 2009

So i guess its back to us.

I've never been so busy durring the summer. And it just started. Who knew 5 year olds could eat so much in one hour. But at least i get paid for watching her. Also i was in the kitchen making her lunch (of course, more food.) And she was playing Wii and all of a sudden i hear "Shit!!!" Uhm..she's 5 and says cuss words. And says balls when she gets mad. And her parents know that she says this stuff.

I really need to re-do my blog. But i've been putting it off 'cause im too lazy. Maybe i'll do it later tonight. But im not sure what to do with it.

So i've been thinking about next year and what should i do besides student councell (uh..yea not how you spell that...) Either dance again or winter cheerleading (basketball). But the thing with dance is that i quit at the studio i was with for about 9 years i believe. And i don't want to go back because all they would care about was getting big trophys and beating the other studios and not about fun, which its what its supposed to be about in the first place. But if i go to a different one everyone from my old studio would hate me, but should i really care?

I don't know, maybe i should try cheerleading or dance again. Its just hard to choose. But life is full of choices. And if one doesn't work out then i could try the other one. I guess.

Well i have nothing else to say. I just need sleep. Waking up early kills me.

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